The Amazing Chez Inwap Backyard Cam

NameSizeLast modifiedDescription
vfc-snap.c 4K05-Feb-1999 05:06C program, runs on the SPARCstation
vfc-snap 57K29-Aug-1999 06:04sparc demand paged dynamically linked executable 2K16-Oct-2001 19:33Creates thumbnail GIFs for all JPGs in current-hour directory
techinfo.html 8K03-Jun-2004 03:31INWAP Web Cam Tech Info (2nd version, Linux) 3K22-Nov-2001 00:15Returns time of sunrise and sunset for the Chez Inwap webcam
stamp-208.tgz 234K04-Feb-2001 02:12Program to put timestamps into a JPG image 2K04-Nov-2016 20:01Symlink to showrandom.cgi
showrandom.cgi 2K04-Nov-2016 20:01Creates an HREF and IMG SRC for a random image in the gallery
send-vfc 5K10-Mar-2001 02:29Captures image from VFC card and sends it to 3K16-Oct-2001 19:33Copies files from current-hour to current-today 3 times per hour 5K20-Jan-2001 03:33Symlink to previous.cgi
previous.cgi 5K20-Jan-2001 03:33Creates a chronological list of images in HTML form
oldtechinfo.html 8K19-May-2001 04:07INWAP Web Cam Tech Info (1st version, Win95) 2K20-Dec-1997 14:57PostScript to create large (two-page) message
lavalamp/[DIR]19-Feb-2018 20:49Iambe asked
index.shtml 3K27-Feb-2002 03:41The Amazing Chez Inwap Backyard WebCam
index.count 1K19-Feb-2018 11:13hit counter
img/ [DIR]19-Feb-2018 20:49directory
images/ [DIR]19-Feb-2018 20:49Symlink to img 4K16-Oct-2001 19:32Moves SnapCAP pictures to other directories, once an hour
get-vfc 3K10-Mar-2001 16:14Captures images from each VFC video port on the SPARCstation.
gallery/ [DIR]19-Feb-2018 20:49Selected images from INWAP's web camera
current-yester/[DIR]19-Feb-2018 20:49The Amazing Chez Inwap Backyard Cam, previous day
current-today/[DIR]19-Feb-2018 20:49The Amazing Chez Inwap Backyard Cam, last 24 hours
current-hour/[DIR]19-Feb-2018 20:49The Amazing Chez Inwap Backyard Cam, last two hours 3K15-Nov-2001 03:24Symlink to capture.cgi
capture.jpg 3K15-Nov-2001 03:24Symlink to capture.cgi
capture.gif 7K18-Nov-2016 15:03GIF thumbnail, 80 x 60
capture.count 1K19-Nov-2016 03:40ASCII text
capture.cgi 3K15-Nov-2001 03:24Returns most recent image, or an <A HREF> for it
Makefile 1K05-Feb-1999 03:15Used to create vfc-snap from vfc-snap.c
../ [DIR]19-Feb-2018 20:49Chez Inwap home page