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3inBed1.jpg        10.0K  1st togetherness - as far apart as possible
3inBed2.jpg        15.0K  Sally is reduced to being cat furniture
3inBed3.jpg        17.0K  : This happens every day
3inBed4.jpg        27.0K  : See what I mean?
PM-Sleep.jpg       24.0K  What they do best
PM-Play.jpg        12.0K  Hide and seek with the bed slats
3inBed1 3inBed2 3inBed3 3inBed4 PM-Sleep PM-Play
CatTree.jpg        23.0K  Semi-posed
PM-Couch.jpg       41.0K  Punkin turns on the gravity, Murdock reads paper
SniffNoses.jpg     80.0K  Probably the cutest picture ever
HotelChair.jpg     32.0K  Murdock predicts which side of chair Punkin will appear from
Chris3cats.jpg     45.0K  Cat therapy for a recuperating person
WarmKitties.jpg    47.0K  Flat cats on hot day
CatTree PM-Couch SniffNoses HotelChair Chris3cats WarmKitties

3CatsOut.jpg 37.0K Preparing to tangle their leashes 2cats0.jpg 51.0K Murdock wishes his leash was as long as KitKat's 2cats1.jpg 31.0K Cat tummies in the sun 2cats2.jpg 52.0K Murdock and KitKat love the backyard 2cats3.jpg 18.0K Lying in the sun PM-Chair.jpg 26.0K Punkin and Murdock asleep on the yellow chair KP-Sleep.jpg 14.0K Sharing a pillow
3CatsOut 2cats0 2cats1 2cats2 2cats3 PM-Chair KP-Sleep
Tail0.jpg          24.0K  Murdock is a yard long, including his tail
Tail1.jpg          37.0K  Murdock notices Kit-Kat's tail.  She doesn't.
Tail2.jpg          21.0K  Will she notice if he nibbles on it?
Tail3.jpg          36.0K  How about licking on the tip of her tail?
Tail4.jpg          19.0K  After 2 minutes, Kit-Kat finally reacts.
Tail0 Tail1 Tail2 Tail3 Tail4

KM-Parallel.jpg 17.0K Two cats, in parallel lines KM-Curved.jpg 23.0K Two cats, curved identically KM-YinYang.jpg 13.0K Two cats, equal but opposite Couch1.jpg 67.0K When the hide-a-bed is out, that is a good thing Couch2.jpg 64.0K Sharing the couch-bed, more or less ColorCats.jpg 67.0K Three cats go well with any color
KM-Parallel KM-Curved KM-YinYang Couch1 Couch2 ColorCats

1015cats3.jpg 27.0K Three cats, patiently waiting for the house inspector to leave. 1015cats2.jpg 47.0K Murdock had just run out of patience. 1015cats1.jpg 38.0K But grumpy Punkin was content where she was.
1015cats3 1015cats2 1015cats1

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