Cats in our backyard, attracted by bigscreen TV.
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000_0015.jpg    142.K  Commando Kitty and Milon
000_0016.jpg    145.K  Commando Kitty got his name from his habit of leaping into the yard
000_0017.jpg    100.K  Milon lives on the other side of that fence
000_0018.jpg    268.K  Milon and Commando having a stare-down; the spot next to the pole is highly desirable
000_0020.jpg    154.K  Naomi watching Command
100_0190.jpg    135.K  Commando Junior.  He and his sisters defended the Kitten Tree from the adults
000_0015 000_0016 000_0017 000_0018 000_0020 100_0190
000_0010.jpg    143.K  Another shot of the Kitten Tree
100_0582.jpg    160.K  Gray staring down Moo Cat
100_0583.jpg    134.K  Pawprints in the dew on our hot-tub cover
100_0584.jpg    126.K  Gray cat
100_0585.jpg    130.K  Gray cat
100_0586.jpg    144.K  Gray cat
000_0010 100_0582 100_0583 100_0584 100_0585 100_0586
100_0587.jpg    95.0K  Gray cat
100_0588.jpg    89.0K  Naomi before loosing her cool
100_0589.jpg    125.K  Cats came around more often after we started putting out food
100_0590.jpg    90.0K  Naomi becoming apopletic by the proximity of another cat
100_0591.jpg    130.K  Gray cat
100_0592.jpg    130.K  Gray cat
100_0587 100_0588 100_0589 100_0590 100_0591 100_0592
100_0593.jpg    120.K  Gray cat
100_0594.jpg    118.K  Gray cat
100_0595.jpg    186.K  Gray cat
100_0596.jpg    126.K  Gray cat
100_0597.jpg    85.0K  Dark cat
100_0598.jpg    123.K  Gray and Dark
100_0593 100_0594 100_0595 100_0596 100_0597 100_0598
100_0599.jpg    180.K  Dark and Gray
100_0601.jpg    192.K  Dark cat
100_0620.jpg    131.K  Tux cat, having been shoved away from the food by Gray and Dark
100_0622.jpg    171.K  9 frame capture from; Gray cat watcing DirecTV
100_0624.jpg    107.K  Tux looking at Murdock's headstone
100_0625.jpg    196.K  Tux was always being picked on; as if "kick me" were written on her head
100_0599 100_0601 100_0620 100_0622 100_0624 100_0625
100_0629.jpg    91.0K  Tux hiding under picnic table
100_0631.jpg    176.K  About this time Tux started pushing the other cats away
100_0632.jpg    110.K  Tux
100_0633.jpg    136.K  Gray
100_0634.jpg    147.K  Gray
100_0635.jpg    99.0K  Gray
100_0629 100_0631 100_0632 100_0633 100_0634 100_0635
100_0636.jpg    145.K  Standing up for herself, becoming agressive
100_0638.jpg    97.0K  Eating for two or more
100_0639.jpg    128.K  Tux is an unwed teenage mother
100_0636 100_0638 100_0639

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