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100_0621.mov    12.4M  Gray watching HD Tivo on the bigscreen TV
100_0622.jpg    171.K  9 frame capture from 100_0621.mov (800x538  JPG)
100_0652.mov    15.9M  Coming out from behind the plywood
100_0653.jpg    434.K  9 frame capture from 100_0652.mov (2088x1404 JPG)
100_0654.mov    78.7M  Notice kitten (George) falls asleep with its leg up
100_0655.jpg    482.K  9 frame capture from 100_0654.mov (2088x1404 JPG)
100_0656.mov    17.9M  Nursing
100_0657.jpg    533.K  9 frame capture from 100_0656.mov (2088x1404 JPG)
100_0660.mov    15.7M  Pile of sleepy kittens
100_0621 100_0622 100_0652 100_0653 100_0654 100_0655 100_0656 100_0657 100_0660
100_0661.jpg    488.K  9 frame capture from 100_0660.mov (2088x1404 JPG)
100_0677.mov    233.M  Morning exercise
100_0678.jpg    444.K  9 frame capture from 100_0667.mov (2088x1404 JPG)
100_0685.mov    30.9M  Kittens climbing picnic table
100_0686.jpg    373.K  9 frame capture from 100_0685.mov (2088x1404 JPG)
100_0696.mov    7.03M  George goes for food
100_0697.jpg    246.K  9 frame capture from 100_0696.mov (2088x1404 JPG)
100_0698.mov    22.7M  Tux calling kittens to come down from there
100_0699.jpg    340.K  9 frame capture from 100_0698.mov (2088x1404 JPG)
100_0661 100_0677 100_0678 100_0685 100_0686 100_0696 100_0697 100_0698 100_0699
100_0869.mov    14.3M  Tux looking beligerent; water bowls under the table
100_0870.jpg    984.K  9 frame capture from 100_0869.mov (2088x1404 JPG)
100_0869 100_0870

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