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1. Beast Wars - Part 1
During an interstellar battle the heroic Maximals and the evil Predacons crash land on a strange planet. The planet is covered in Energon - a power crystal that causes the robot forms of the Maximals and Predacons to short out after long periods of time. To prevent damage, both sides take alternate forms based on the planets native animals. The battle for the planet begins.
2. Beast Wars - Part 2
DinoBot, a Predacon, is cast out by the Predacon leader, Megatron. After a brief struggle for power with the leader of the Maximals - Optimus Primal - DinoBot joins the Maximals. The discovery of a giant Energon crystal leads to a huge battle between the Maximals and Predacons.
3. The Web
After disobeying an order from Optimus, Cheetor finds himself caught by Tarantulas and taken to the Predacon's lair. Tarantulas traps Cheetor in an energy draining web. Rattrap sneaks into Tarantulas lair to try and rescue his friend Cheetor.
4. Equal Measures
The combination between hi-tech equipment and a fluke of nature accidentally creates a transport beam that put's Cheetor in the Predacon base and transfers Terrorsaur into the Maximal base.
5. Chain of Command
When investigating strange ruins, Optimus mysteriously vanishes into an alien probe. The Maximals then find themselves leaderless, and in battle with the Predacons over the probe where Optimus is trapped.
6. Power Surge
When Terrorsaur accidentally gets supercharged by a floating mountain of Energon, he goes on a rampage that eventually puts him in charge of the Predacons. He then moves to turn his new found power onto the Maximals. But Cheetor witnessed Terrorsaur's transformation and informs Optimus - who goes after Terrorsaur and destroys the Energon supply.
7. Fallen Comrades
The discovery of a stasis pod lost in orbit during the initial space battle leads the Maximals and Predacons to race for the frozen northland on the planet - where they find and protoform the Maximal Tigatron.
8. Double Jeopardy
After a "mole" is suspected within the Maximals, Rattrap poses as a traitor in order to discover just how the Predacons are learning so much about Maximal missions.
9. The Probe
A probe from the Maximal's planet Cybertron arrives in orbit. Rhinox devises a transmission tower capable of sending a signal up to the orbiting probe - but the Predacons trap Rhinox in his beast form and he is unable to transform to signal the probe before it leaves orbit.
10. Gorilla Warefare
Scorponok creates a virus that should turn Optimus into a coward and a pacifist. But instead, it turns him into a battle hungry maniac who is too dangerous for either side to handle!
11. A Better Mouse Trap
Rattrap accidentally finds himself trapped in Rhinox's new defense system, at the same time as the Predacons are trying to sneak in to the Maximal base.
12. Victory
The Maximals think they have won the war when an explosion at the Predacon base appears to have destroyed all the Predacons. After the Maximal's salvage parts from the Predacon base to fix their ship, they discover that Megatron is not dead and has his own agenda for the fixed ship!
13. Dark Designs
Megatron captures Rhinox and reprograms him as a Predacon. But Megatron's plans backfire when Rhinox proves to be cunning, powerful, and ruthless!
14. Double DinoBot
Megatron clones DinoBot and sends the clone into the Maximal base to destroy their power grid. The clone does the job but unfortunately runs into the real DinoBot!
15. The Spark
Another stasis pod falls to earth, leaving Rhinox and Cheetor to perform field surgery during battle with the Predacons to save the dying Transformer -- Air Razor.
16. The Trigger - Part 1
A flying island that is equipped with alien weapons attracts both the Predacons and Maximals. Tigatron wants to save the island and it's ecosystem from the Predacons - but the Predacons want to claim the island for it's power.
17. The Trigger - Part 2
The battle over the flying island intensifies. Blackarachnia gains control of the island's power, leaving Tigatron to decide over destroying the island and prevent the destructive power from being released.
18. Spider's Game
Another stasis pod falls from orbit. While trying to get to the pod - Tigatron is wounded by Waspinator. Tarantulas reaches the pod first and tries to stop the automatic transformation - causing Inferno to develop as half Predacon in a Maximal body - who proves too much for either side to handle.
19. Call of the Wild
After a Predacon attack damages the Maximal's shield, the effect of too much Energon leaves the Maximals permanently in Beast mode, causing their beast sides to dominate their lives.
20. Dark Voyage
Rhinox, Cheetor, Rattrap and DinoBot are blinded in an Energon explosion, forcing them to rely on their animal instincts to escape the Predacons and return to their base.
21. Possession
The "spark" (life essence of a Transformer) from an ancient Decepticon warrior - Starscream - takes control of Waspinator -- leaving the Predacons with a new warrior, and the Maximals in trouble!
22. Low Road
During battle, Tarantulas shoots Rhinox with a virus causing him to spontaneously discharge Energon and draining him of energy. Rattrap and DinoBot go off in search of Tarantulas and the cure for Rhinox.
23. Law of the Jungle
When Tigatron's tiger friend SnowStalker is accidentally killed in a battle with the Predacons, Tigatron's grief causes him to leave the Maximals and declare he will no longer take part in the Beast Wars.
24. Before the Storm
Inferno brings Megatron a powerful disk. After examining the disk Megatron calls a secret meeting with Optimus -- alone. After a lengthy discussion, both leaders agree to a cycle of peace -- but is a cease fire what the Predacons have in mind?
25. Other Voices - Part 1 - "Arrival"
The Maximals and the Predacons find themselves in serious jeopardy as an alien force arrives on the planet. Air Razor becomes trapped inside a mysterious alien base, and Rattrap and Optimus must breach it to try and free her.
26. Other Voices - Part 2 - "Termination Day"
The Maximals and the Predacons face the destruction of the entire planet as the alien plan proceeds into it's final phase.
27. Aftermath
As the blast wave from the alien destruction device sweeps across the planet, the Maximal and Predacon bases are severely impacted. The Predacon base suffers major volcanic activity which swallows up Terrorsaur and Scorponok. All over the planet, the remaining undetonated raw Energon is transformed and condensed into Energon cubes. Some of the characters become Transmetals. Blackarachnia escapes; internal struggle with Tarantulas. Megatron, now Transmetal, launches attack but is beaten back after big firefight. We see hint of Fuzors being created.
28. Coming of the Fuzors - Part 1
With stasis pods down all over the planet, Tigatron and Air Razor are dispatched on a long-term mission to find them. Dinobot has taken advantage of the battle to steal both golden disks, since he now realizes this is probably Earth and Megatron could change the future. Megatron discovers the two new Fuzors (QUICKSTRIKE and SILVERBOLT) who are confused and disoriented and recruits both of them. A fallen and cracked stasis pod is discovered by the Maximals; it contains a spare protoform without a spark. In Pred base Tarantulas (in Blackarachnia&'s body) discovers his lair has been destroyed so he utilizes Megatron&'s equipment to return to now-transmetal body but leaves a psychic "link" between himself and Blackarachnia. The spiders become a scheming "third force." Rhinox begins a secret project.
29. Coming of the Fuzors - Part 2
Megatron and his forces attack but one Fuzor (SILVERBOLT) decides at a pivotal moment that he is a Maximal and switches sides. Megatron and forces still appear to be about to win. Rhinox&'s secret project is at a pivotal point -- he has dangerously amplified his own core consciousness to penetrate transwarp space -- and as a result he is almost flatlined. But he manages to discover what he was looking for and fight his way back in time to set the secret project on autopilot and rejoin the Maximals in their defense. Back at the Pred base, Blackarachnia discovers a hidden secret in Megatron&'s datatrax and manages to conceal it from Tarantulas. In the battle, the Maximals are backed against a wall, about to be defeated, when Optimus Primal dramatically reappears as a Transmetal. He was Rhinox&'s secret project. Megatron and forces defeated and Optimus is welcomed back.
30. Tangled Web
Megatron orders Tarantulas and Blackarachnia to build a refueling station where a quantity of Energon cubes have been discovered. Blackarachnia takes the opportunity to use the energon as a method of severing the psychic hold Tarantulas had on her. Tarantulas decides that the cavern is perfect for his new lair and in a battle with the Maximals gives the impression it is destroyed. Tarantulas begins constructing his secret lair.
31. Maximal, No More
Dinobot decides that Megatron is winning the Beast Wars and concludes to switch sides. He gives Megatron the second Golden Disk, though not without reservations. The reservations are compounded when in a test of his loyalty he is ordered to destroy Rattrap. This Dinobot cannot do and after a final battle returns to the Maximals.
32. Other Visits - Part 1
Tigatron and Air Razor discover an alien artifact and accidentally trigger it, signalling the aliens that the planet was not in fact destroyed. Tigatron and Air Razor are captured in a beam and sent to the alien nebula. The aliens send a MetalHunter base to the planet and both Maximals and Predacons face off over it. But a huge Energon surge drops Maximals and Predacons alike.
33. Other Visits - Part 2
With all but the Transmetals and the Fuzors incapacitated by the MetalHunter Base, Megatron uses the Alien Disk to open a door into the base. Optimus and company try and stop him, but are foiled by a huge Energy Web which Tarantulas has manufactured to hold the base in place. To their dismay, Megatron, Tarantulas and Quickstrike enter the base. There Megatron is almost disabled when he interfaces with the alien controls but eventually he gains control of the alien base. He uses it to capture Optimus and tries to destroy Tarantulas who has informed Megatron that he will no longer be under his command but will function as an independent agent. Due to this treachery Tarantulas winds up teaming up with the Maximals to prevent Megatron from transporting the MetalHunter Base back to Cybertron. The effort is successful and not only foils Megatron&'s master plan, BUT also closes the alien wormhole above the planet, rendering it safe from further alien invasion.
34. Bad Spark
The discovery of a strange stasis pod is bad news for Optimus -- it means the secret Protoform X has survived. This attempt to create an immortal Maximal created only a psychopath. In a massive Energon explosion caused by battle over the pod, both Blackarachnia and Silverbolt are plunged into survival circumstances where they are forced to cooperate to survive. And all the while the newly created Rampage (formed by the Protoform X) is stalking them. Rampage is defeated by the Maximals but enslaved by Megatron, who captures the core of his Spark in an Energon cage.
35. Code of Hero
Since Megatron now has the disks and Rampage, he decides to make his move. He decides to prevent the human race from ever occurring by destroying the valley from which they emerged. Dinobot, still wracked with guilt over his giving the disk to Megatron, is the first to discover the plan. With no other Maximals available, Dinobot singlehandedly takes on the Predacon forces in a heroic battle to save the human race. He succeeds, but at the cost of his own life. The Maximals drive off the Preds, the human race is saved, and Dinobot gets the warrior&'s recycling honors he always dreamed of.
36. Transmutate
Another stasis pod is discovered on the outskirts of the Maximal Base, and Megatron and Silverbolt fight over it. In the course of their battle, the pod explodes, and a large, monstrous, vaguely female, form appears. The ‘Transmutate&' is badly formed, but still lashes out at both Megatron and Silverbolt. Megatron eventually captures her, but he cannot get her to transform, so he orders her destroyed. Rampage however, feels that the Transmutate could be valuable, and tries to use her as bait for Silverbolt. During the battle, the confused Transmutate comes to Silverbolt&'s defense. When Rampage again faces off against Silverbolt, Transmutate leaps into the line of fire and is destroyed.
37. The Agenda - Part 1
Anticipating the arrival of authorities from Cybertron, Megatron makes a last-ditch effort to capture the Maximals as hostages. But the battle is interrupted by a mysterious ship and an even more mysterious stranger -- Cybertron has arrived at last!
38. The Agenda - Part 2
With the help of the mysterious stranger, the Maximals have captured Megatron. But the Cybertronian ship is too depleted by battle to return home. The Maximals launch a raiding party to recover Megatron's secret store of Energon, but run into a deadly trap!
39. The Agenda - Part 3
The Maximals discover that everything that has occured has been part of Megatron's evil agenda, and the Cybertronian criminal has been manipulating them all to his evil ends. To their horror, Megatron's ultimate plan is revealed -- and enacted!
40. Optimal Situation (The Agenda - Part 4)
Faced with the extinction of the Maximals, Optimus must take a bold step to restore what Megatron has tried to destroy.
41. Deep Metal
The Beast Wars dives underwater as a new Maximal arrives on the planet.
42. Changing Of The Guard
The Maximals try to salvage Sentinel from their old base, now in ruins underwater.
43. Cutting Edge
The Maximals discover a terrified tribe of Neanderthals is threatened by long-extinct Raptors.
44. Feral Scream - Part 1
Trying to shift the balance of power Megatron creates a surprising new ally.
45. Feral Scream - Part 2
The Maximals are threatened by an eerie monster which seems wild and uncontrollable.
46. Proving Grounds
Blackarachnia decides to leave the Maximals, but is drawn into a brutal running battle with the new Dinobot.
47. Go With The Flow
Megatron's newest weapon needs a non-Cybertronian to complete the construction.
48. Crossing the Rubicon
Blackarachnia agrees to undergo a dangerous procedure which will turn her back into her true Maximal self. Or destroy her.
49. Master Blaster
Using a device created by Tarantulas, Megatron takes control of Optimal Optimus and prepares to end the Beast Wars in one devastating stroke.
50. Other Victories
The aliens return in the form of a strange, godlike Fuzor, whose mission is to destroy the planet.
51. Nemesis - Part 1
Megatron, outnumbered by the Maximals and without a base, seems beaten. But a secret project of the now-dead Tarantulas's is discovered which promises to turn the tide.
52. Nemesis - Part 2
Megatron makes a spectacular last-ditch effort for the Ark.