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KatBarr1.jpg        52.0K  Voice of Dot
IanCorlett.gif      10.0K  Voice of Cheetor, Bob 2
GaryChalk.gif       9.00K  Voice of Slash and Optimus Prime
DavidKaye.gif       9.00K  Voice of Megatron
AndreaLibman.gif    7.00K  Voice of AndrAIa
KatBarr1 IanCorlett GaryChalk DavidKaye AndreaLibman
ScottMcNeil.gif     10.0K  Second voice of Hack, plus Rat Trap and Waspinator
PhilHayes.gif       9.00K  Original voice of Hack
Voice1.jpg          32.0K  Corlett + Barr + Chalk
Voice2.jpg          25.0K  Klassen + Phil Hayes
Voice3.jpg          34.0K  Kay + Libman + McNeil
ScottMcNeil PhilHayes Voice1 Voice2 Voice3
HNDjay.jpg          15.0K  Voice of Megabyte
Benyaer.jpg         22.0K  Voice of Bob
Baldry.jpg          42.0K  Voice of Captain Capacitor
JimByrnes.jpg       4.00K  Voice of Inferno
VenusTerzo.jpg      4.00K  Voice of Black Arachnia
Voice4.jpg          40.0K  Gillis + Terzo
HNDjay Benyaer Baldry JimByrnes VenusTerzo Voice4
VenusBW.jpg         5.00K  Voice of Black Arachnia
Gillian.jpg         15.0K  Voice of Data Nully
Donovan.jpg         6.00K  Voice of Mike the TV (and many others)
DonalGibson.jpg     5.00K  Voice of The Surfer
pocketdr.gif        46.0K  295x202  GIF
VenusBW Gillian Donovan DonalGibson

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