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Background info

Back in January of 1995, the first 10 episodes had been shown, the next 3 were in production, and the networks ordered 10 episodes for the second season.

Season I (1994-1995)

01 "The Tearing"
Megabyte tries to get a tear stabilized into a portal so that he can invade the Supercomputer.
Game: Outer space simulation
02 "Racing the Clock"
Bob delivers a package to Hexadecimal and gets caught in the backlash.
Game: Multi-level race (Forumla-1 cars, hovercraft, jet planes)
03 "Quick and the Fed"
Dot gets brain-wiped by a magnet.
Game: White Knight
04 "Medusa Bug"
Hexadecimal unleashes a viral bug, turning everything to stone.
Game: none
XX Promo spots
Game Cube In the fall of 1994, ReBoot was prempted for several weeks. During that time, producers offered teasers to keep audience interest up.
05 "The TIFF"
Dot and Bob won't speak to each other.
Game: Starship Alcatraz
06 "In the Belly of the Beast"
Frisket swallows an old UNFORMAT command.
Game: none
07 "The Crimson Binome"
Captain Capacitor, the software pirate, loots Mainframe but is bested by Admiral Dot.
Game: none
08 "Enzo the Smart"
Enzo is smarter when Mainframe runs at half speed.
Game: Olympians
09 "Wizards, Warriors, and a Word from our Sponsor"
Mike the TV is a winning part of the team.
Game: Dungeon Deep
10 "The Great Brain Robbery"
Megabyte hires Mouse to get inside Bob's brain. She gets Enzo instead.
Game: (has ended as story opens)

Season I to Season II transition

Canada: January 1995

USA: August and September 1995

Episodes 11, 12 and 13 were part of Season I in Canada - YTV showed them in January 1995 immediately after episode 10.

In the US, there were five months of reruns (March 1995 to August 1995) before ABC showed "Talent Night" on 12-Aug-95. After three more weeks of reruns, "Identity Crisis" was broadcast as the first two episodes of the 2nd season (9-Sep-95 and 16-Sep-95).

The opening was changed for the second season. Matthew Sinclair replaced Jesse Moss as the voice of Enzo starting with episode 11.

11 "Talent Night"
Dot auditions several acts for Enzo's birthday party, including the guys from "Money For Nothing" and the Small Town Binomes. The binome joke, Dot's singing and the guitar duel from this episode are on the CD-ROM that comes with the action figures.
Game: none from the User.
SMP "ABC Saturday Morning Preview"
On Friday evening, 8-Sep-95, ABC ran a preview of the new Saturday morning line-up. Megabyte tried to take over the show.
12 "Identity Crisis, part 1"
Dot is responsible for the safekeeping of the binomes PID codes, but Megabyte gets a hold of them.
Game: Commando
13 "Identity Crisis, part 2"
Dot is in a world run by Megabyte. She lost the game (or did she?)
Game: Fun House

Season II (1995-1996)

Episode 14 was the first episode of Season II in Canada, but was broadcast as the third episode of Season II in the US.
14 "Infected"
Megabyte interferes with the scheduled upgrade, infiltrates the Core.
Game: none, but Dot does a neat Sigourney Weaver imitation.
15 "High Code"
A code master comes looking for a master who has left the guild.
Game: Wild West Locomotive
16 "When Games Collide"
Megabyte steals energy from a game cube. The user sends in another game cube which merges with the first to form an out-of-control game.
Game: Chromebots, Basic Combat, Dinosaurs
17 "Bad Bob"
Megabyte attacks the Principal Office. His theft of the core energy messes up the game cube.
Game: Mad Max (Road Warrior)
18 "Painted Windows"
Hexadecimal paints the town all sorts of pretty colors.
Game: none, Hex on the loose is worse than any game.
19 "andrAIa"
Enzo has no one his age to play with until he meets an AI game sprite.
Game: Undersea Adventure
20 "Nullzilla"
A "web spore" attacks Hexadecimal, the Nulls become monster, and the Mainframe team combine to form a giant robot.
Game: none - this is start of a four-part story
21 "Gigabyte"
Megabyte is attacked by the web spore. Hexadecimal joins him, the result is Gigabyte. Mouse saves the day.
22 "Trust No One"
A visit from the CGI agents, Fax Modem and Data Nully. The web spore has teeth and gets stronger; the shadow Guardians are no help at all. "TO BE CONTINUED"
23 "Web World Wars"
Mainframe has to fight an all-out war as the Web invades.
This is the end of the four-part story. It is the last one shown on ABC - the 3rd season of ReBoot has not shown in the US.

Season III (1996-1997)

Each set of four stories has its own opening sequence and cliffhanger.
-- Opening for story arc v3.1
24 "To Mend and Defend" (v3.1.1)
Hexadecimal opens fire on the defenseless Principal Office.
Game: Evil Dead / Doom
25 "Between a Raccoon and a Hard Place" (v3.1.2)
Enzo has to prove he is a Guardian to the population of Mainframe.
Game: Rocky the Rabid Raccoon (Roadrunner + Whack-a-Mole)
26 "Firewall" (v3.1.3)
A wall of fire is created to keep Megabyte trapped in sector G Prime.
Game: James Bond 007
27 "Game Over" (v3.1.4)
Enzo needs to improve his public image by winning a game by himself.
Game: Demon Fighter
-- Closing credits for story arc v3.1

-- Opening for story arc v3.2
28 "Icons" (v3.2.1)
The grown Enzo (yclept "Matrix") reboots as a Braveheart-type Scotsman and the grown AndrAIa reboots into a Xena costume.
Game: Mars Attacks / Golden Tooth of Syssop
29 "Where No Sprite Has Gone Before" (v3.2.2)
Combination of Star Trek (the original series) and Legion of Superheroes comics.
Game: None during the episode
30 "Number 7" (v3.2.3)
Like "Number 6" in "The Prisoner", Matrix has to deal with who is "Number 1".
Game: Golf
31 "The Episode With No Name" (v3.2.4)
A western showdown in a middle eastern desert city. Cameo appearance by Maxine, tour guide of the IMAX RideFilm. Game: None during the episode
-- Closing credits for story arc v3.2

-- Opening for story arc v3.3
32 "The Return of the Crimson Binome" (v3.3.1)
Captain Capacitor gets his men out of prison with the help of Matrix and AndrAIa. A Web Surfer named Ray Tracer joins the gang.
Game: None.

The last 7 episodes have not been shown in the UK. They have been seen in Canada and Singapore. (New Zealand?)

33 "The Edge of Beyond" (v3.3.2)
While sailing to the edge of the Web, AndrAIa has a run-in with the native animals.
Game: None.
34 "Web Riders on the Storm" (v3.3.3)
The Saucy Mare is attacked by beings that ride the Web creatures. A guy in a melted blue suit helps AndrAIa.
35 "Mousetrap" (v3.3.4)
Mouse hid and defended the Web location of Mainframe back in Web World Wars. Now her handiwork is keeping the good guys out.
-- Closing credits for story arc v3.3

-- Opening for story arc v3.4
36 "Megaframe" (v3.4.1)
Megabyte and Hexadecimal have laid waste to Mainframe. MB plans to leave the damaged city as soon has he gets the codes from Phong.
Game: None.
37 "Showdown" (v3.4.2)
Time for some serious butt-kicking action when Enzo Matrix goes to get rid of Megabyte. Bob deals with Hex's multiple personalities.
Game: None.
38 "System Crash" (v3.4.3)
Mainframe crumbles and the User's game sprites pop up all over.
Game: many
39 "End Prog" (v3.4.4)
Bob convinces everyone to rely on The User to the right thing. The Mainframe Strolling Players perform a recap of the 3rd season.
Game: not specified
-- Closing credits for story arc v3.4

Season IV (2001)

Shown as 2 two-hour movies in Canada, 8 half-hour episodes in the US.
-- Opening for Daemon Rising
40 "Daemon Rising" (v4.01)
Part 1 of the fight against the Supervirus "Daemon".
Game: Austin Powers
41 "Cross Nodes" (v4.02)
Part 2 of the fight against the Supervirus "Daemon".
Game: Mummy / Tomb Raider
42 "What's Love Got To Do With It?" (v4.03)
Part 3 of the fight against the Supervirus "Daemon".
Game: Wrestling
43 "Sacrifice" (v4.04)
Part 4 of the fight against the Supervirus "Daemon".
Game: ?
-- Closing credits for Daemon Rising

44 "My Two Bobs" (v4.05)
Part 1 of the second movie
Game: ?
45 "Life's A Glitch..." (v4.06)
Part 2 of the second movie
Game: ?
46 "Null Bot of the Bride" (v4.07)
Part 3 of the second movie
Game: ?
47 "Crouching Binome, Hidden Virus" (v4.08)
Part 4 of the second movie
Game: ?
-- Closing credits for My Two Bobs

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