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Message from Gavin Blair, 27-Mar-01

Hey Joe - how's it goin'?  Well, I hope.

I know there's been a lot of excitement on the Newsgroup about the
Reboot toys and Toy Fair lately.  (Oh yes - I'm 'out there'!)

Weeeeeellll - we're pretty excited ourselves, and I'll tell ya why: The
new toys are looking amazing!!!  We are BLOWN AWAY!!! (And they're our toys!!!)

Part of it is that they've been created from the actual 3D data, but the
dudes at the toy co have also sculpted into the waxes. The results are
stunning - not only is the figure spot on but the texture detailing is
sculpted too!

Ian in particular is soooooo excited about this stuff that he wanted to
share it with the fans, so I've enclosed a few images taken yesterday of
the latest paint masters and waxes.  The 9" Matrix is absolutely
stunning.  (And don't worry about his hair - it isn't attached properly
in the jpeg!)

If you like, you can put these on your site, and if you do could you let
the Newsgroup know and say hi to them from Ian, Phil and myself?  (I'd
do it myself, but the last time I did that I don't think they believe it
was me, so now I leave all that to Mairi!)  Feel free to fill them in on
the details. (Like the hair thing - I don't want them worrying!)

All the Best
Battle On!



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The following toys have been seen at Suncoast Video stores in California during October, 2001.

Name                    Size  Description
--------------------   -----  -----------
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OldToysFront.jpg        128K  31001 = Bob + Dot + Enzo + Megabyte + Hex + Hack or Slash
OldToysBack.jpg          61K  31066 = Bob + Frisket + Enzo + Megabyte + Hex + Binomes
Collection1.jpg          57K  66110 = Assortment of Matrix, Megabyte, AndrAIa, Commander Dot, Glitch Bob
MatrixAndraia.jpg       130K  66111 = Matrix, 66114 = AndrAIa
GlitchBobDot.jpg        138K  66113 = Glitch Bob, 66113 = Commander Dot
Megabyte5inch.jpg       105K  66115 = Megabyte with wand
Collection2.jpg          37K  ????? = Assortment of Web Matrix, Web Bob, Ray Tracer, Web Rider, Captain Capacitor
OldToysFront OldToysBack Collection1 MatrixAndraia GlitchBobDot Megabyte5inch Collection2