Opening credits for "War Planets" / "Shadow Raiders"
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--- (Executive Producers: Christopher Brough, Ian Pearson)
9801 A system of four planets near a sun.
9801 Closeup of a man with a rock face, gray and blue stripes.
---- Black spaceship moving in front of a blue-white planet.
9801 Ice-blue insect holding gun, smoking ruins in background.
---- Sun rises over a red and black planet.
---- Prince of fire standing in front of his troups.
---- Gold dagger spaceships and bluegreen attach ships approach a planet surrounded by flashing purple fire.
---- Ice insect walking in front of cylinder.
--- Producer: Mark Ralson
Co-Producer: B.F. Painter
9801 Larger planet opening up reaching out to grab smaller planet.
9801 Small planet being approached by glowing black ships.
9801 Air fighters drop triangular devices on the ice.
--- Executive Creative Consultants: Steve Ball, Phil Mitchell
9802 Enemy soldiers swirl up from the desert.
9801 Three heroes with guns against a host of enemy soldiers.
9801 Black and red beast warriors with gold crescent medalions.
---- Blinding flash of explosions.
9801 Closeup of rock man holding rectangular gun.
9801 Closeup of woman with green chrystaline hair.
9801 Zoom-in on ice insect in round, crablike vehicle.
---- Green spaceship flies overhead.
---- Fire prince, surrounded by magma, holding a pike.
---- Round black spaceship.
9802 Glowing red ships attacked by orange laserbolt.
9801 Closeup on woman with high-tech skin.
9802 Glowing red ships swooping past a moon.
---- Fire prince saving ice insect from falling.
9802 Three glowing black commanders of the Beast army.
Phlanx of glowing ships rise on command.
---- Fireball rises over red and black planet.
---- Two blue figher ships.
9802 Green mobile gun tower inside a cavern.
9802 Rotating gun turret in the desert.
---- Ice warriors with obscuring helmets run through tunnel.
9801 Floating skull (green eyes, blue aura) quivering.
---- Gnome and Troll (green skin, red eyes, pointed ears).
9801 Rock man (gold and black suit) carrying large cylindrical gun.
---- Malevolent woman (mostly transparent black, red highlights, blue aura).
---- Tech woman, supine, cyan light coming out of her eyes.
---- Fire warrior swinging a pike.
---- Five heroes; Bone goblin, Ice insect, Rock man, Fire prince, Rock woman.
---- War Planets logo.
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