The files in this directory with .cgi extensions are designed be executed
by the web server, either explictly (by URL) or implicitly (by using the
server-parsed command <!--#exec cgi="whatever.cgi"-->).

Those with .cmd extensions are invoked implictly from *.shtml files using
<!--#exec cmd="whatever.cmd args"-->

Some of the .pl files need to be stored as 'index.cgi' to work.

All the other files are to be invoked from the UNIX command line, or run
as 'cron' jobs.

NameSizeLast modifiedDescription

apache/ [DIR]21-Sep-2014 16:05Scripts for processing the Apache access_log
bestwwwd/[DIR]21-Sep-2014 16:05Scripts for BESTWWWD, the old web server at
copydate 1K05-Sep-1997 23:07Copies the modification time of the first file to other files.
days-till.cmd 2K04-Feb-1998 07:28Displays a running countdown until a particular date
download.cgi 2K19-Dec-1999 08:55CGI to hide the true name of files being downloaded.
env.cgi.txt 1K11-Jan-2005 13:09perl script text
files.cgi 17K08-May-2014 06:11Symlink to
gd.cgi 1K17-Feb-2004 21:03perl script text
get-counters 3K04-Jun-2007 07:49Parses the file that lists the web counters, then builds HTML page
goto.cgi 2K16-Oct-2001 23:28Causes off-site links to be logged when user clicks on them. 4K16-Oct-2001 23:32Moves webcam pictures to other directories, once an hour.
href2imgsrc 3K04-Dec-1997 10:08Converts an HTML directory listing to in-line the images.
html-include 5K08-Dec-1997 10:38HTML document
html-include.txt 6K03-Jun-2004 07:41ASCII news text
index-cgi.txt 2K13-Aug-1997 02:19ASCII English text
list-bydate 2K22-May-1998 07:19Rewrites index.txt in chronological order. 2K08-Nov-2001 09:52Extracts just the <A HREF="">text</A> portions of a document.
list-imgs 6K15-Apr-1998 04:38Creates thumbnails and "index.img" with width and height info.
list-pics.html 15K18-Sep-2006 08:04index.cgi - Displays individual pictures in a directory.
miscunix/[DIR]21-Sep-2014 16:05Utilities for the Unix command-line or cron jobs
mostrecent 1K03-May-1997 06:25Returns name of file that was modified most recently.
pix.cgi 42K04-Apr-2007 05:54Symlink to
rename-oly 4K06-Dec-1999 23:05Rename pictures from the Olympic Digital Camera to have date/time.
setrecent 1K21-Jul-1997 04:43Sets the modification date on the first file to be the most
showrandom.cgi 2K20-Dec-1998 20:33Creates an HREF and IMG SRC for a random image in the gallery.
thumb-gif 1K24-Sep-1997 00:53Creates a thumbnail GIF from a larger JPG file.
thumb-jpg 1K17-Sep-1997 08:55Creates a thumbnail JPG from a larger GIF file.
unsmartquote 1K04-Sep-2001 08:22Translates charset=windows-1252 to charset=iso-8859-1
upd-limit 3K03-Jun-2004 07:40Updates public_html/limit.html to match public_html/index.html
usemap 4K03-May-1997 06:30Reads external imagemap file and creates a client-side imagemap
userfriendly.cgi 1K04-Dec-1998 06:23Returns an HREF to the the current User Friendly cartoon.
webmaster/[DIR]21-Sep-2014 16:05CGI and general utilities for web masters
whoyou.cgi 2K04-Dec-2001 05:50Lets visitors know that you know where they're coming from
xv2small 7K17-Sep-1997 07:48Given the name of a .xvpics directory, it looks at the thumbnail 4K16-Oct-2001 23:30perl script text

This list is brought to you by (via its alias, 'index.cgi'). For directories of images, should be used as 'index.cgi'. To see the latter in action, check out the cat pix: Murdock - Punkin - Kit-Kat - group shots - webcam.


Scripts for processing the Apache access_log

NameSizeLast modifiedDescription
http-sum 20K03-Jan-2014 23:43Summarizes httpd access logs (NCSA common/combined log format)
http-sum.ini 2K15-Feb-2002 01:02Configuration file for http-sum
http-graph 8K21-Jan-2014 03:03Converts bandwidth report from http-sum to a graph
http-ref 4K17-Nov-2001 11:38Creates http-sum.htm from http-sum.ref (written by http-sum).
mv-web-logs 2K22-May-2014 10:43Archives access_log.?.gz and error_log.?.gz to yearly subdirs
nimdafilter 2K05-Nov-2001 19:30Filters out Nimda requests from the access log
sum-log 3K21-Jan-2014 02:52Pull Apache logs from web server, summarizes, send updates back.

from-iserver 2K22-May-2014 06:53Pull Apache logs from a Verio iServer
http-activity 2K21-Jan-2014 00:35Creates html with graph and summary of activity.
rotate_logs 3K23-Nov-2001 08:34Rotates the Apache logs and compresses them. Optional logresolve.


Scripts for BESTWWWD, the old web server at

NameSizeLast modifiedDescription
bht2ht 2K22-May-1999 23:54Creates .htaccess from .bhtaccess by filtering out BESTWWWD specific
http-log 6K27-Jul-2001 08:27Renames the access_log, fetches the error_log from httpd.
http-log.txt 4K07-Mar-1998 07:59Info on how to use http-log.
redirect.cgi 2K24-May-1997 10:44Tells user to use instead of
http-daily 6K08-Nov-2001 01:53Run by cron on shell{3,4,7}.ba at 7:30am daily for general web stuff
goto-best 3K15-Jan-2001 09:24Twice a day, copies new files from home to the web server
from-best 5K15-Sep-2001 07:01Copies new or updated files from to mirror server


Utilities for the Unix command-line or cron jobs

NameSizeLast modifiedDescription 1K29-Aug-2008 00:13Uses File::Tail to monitor a log file that gets renamed.
bigben 2K01-Feb-2008 23:40Outputs the date or other string every 5 minutes to keep circuit up.
copy-logs 8K17-Nov-2008 23:05Run by root to copy various log files for 'reporter' to send to HQ.
df-h 2K12-Nov-2008 01:40Puts logical volume names on same line for 'df -h'
df-i 3K06-Dec-2006 01:11Combines the output of "df" and "df -i" so show number of blocks
disk-parts 10K02-Mar-2008 08:21Produces a concise summary of all disk partitions.
disk-usage 2K21-Nov-2008 07:56Creates a summary of disk usage on locally mounted disks.
dup.asm 1K25-May-1994 21:44Duplicates a directory structure, including hard and soft links
dup.cpio 1K10-Aug-1989 19:32ASCII text
dup.dump 1K16-Nov-2006 08:09Bourne shell script text executable
dup.ln 3K22-Oct-1998 00:25Recursively links files from one directory to another 6K08-Jan-2007 22:41Recursively moves directories from one disk partition to another
dup.restore 1K22-Oct-1997 00:17Bourne shell script text executable
dup.tar 1K17-Aug-2000 20:03Duplicates a directory structure, including hard and soft links
dup.ufsdump 1K08-Jan-2004 01:40Bourne shell script text executable
etherbits 3K23-Nov-2006 02:47a /usr/bin/perl -w script text executable
filesize 1K05-Aug-2005 23:40Displays a file's size in KB, MB, GB and hex
lastlog-rpt 7K12-Dec-2008 19:05Provides a list of who has not logged in for a while.
link-same 3K11-Oct-2007 00:41Create hard links for files with same content
linux-release 1K20-Nov-2008 03:36Returns release version for Linux
list-forwards 2K30-Nov-2004 04:13Displays where e-mail is being forwarded to.
lsf 20K03-May-2012 17:00Creates a list of files and their attributes.
lsf-comp 27K14-Sep-2001 19:00Compares the output from '/usr/local/lsf' done on master and slave.
lsf-date 1K19-Mar-2012 18:30Converts dates in lsf listings from hex to conventional format.
lsf-locate 1K01-Jun-2011 19:06Similar to the 'locate' command, but uses lsf database 1K04-Mar-2008 00:01Similar to the 'locate' command, but uses lsf database
lsf-rcp 2K12-Dec-2000 08:00Performs "rcp", "chmod" and "chown" for /usr/local/bin/lsf-comp.
lsf4 18K27-Jul-2001 19:12Creates a list of files and their attributes. Old version.
md5-dirs 11K29-Jul-2008 00:39Maintains md5 checksum lists for one or more directories.
monitor-file-growth 9K04-Mar-2008 01:57Displays incremental and average MB per second for growing files
mv-month 4K23-Jul-2008 06:02Moves items based on file's 4-digit year and 2-digit month.
mv-week 6K28-Mar-2006 02:20Moves files into weekly subdirectories, to archive or discard
prune-files 6K07-Nov-2008 10:50Deletes older files to free up sufficient disk space
prune-mqueue 1K11-Nov-2008 01:32a /usr/bin/perl script text executable
rename-to-yyyy-mm 1K03-Sep-2008 03:21Renames *.log to *.yyyy-mm on the first of the month. 1K11-Sep-2003 21:23a /usr/bin/perl -w script text executable
reset-clientmqueue 2K11-Nov-2008 01:25Cleans out /var/spool/clientmqueue after a network outage
rm-same 4K02-Mar-2006 23:05Deletes files on remote system if they have same checksum as local.
rm-same-md5 6K31-Aug-2006 23:11a /usr/bin/perl script text executable
rrsync 3K15-Jun-2007 01:17Restricts rsync to subdirectory declared in .ssh/authorized_keys
run-parts+timestamp 1K03-Jul-2006 05:50Bourne-Again shell script text executable
run-unique 2K28-Aug-2007 22:02Starts a command only if it is not already running
sort-shadow 2K30-Apr-2008 23:51Writes /etc/ in the same order as in /etc/passwd and
ssh-showkeys 1K18-Mar-2006 13:25a /usr/bin/perl -n script text executable
ssh-sort-keys 1K07-Aug-2007 22:45Consolidate entries for identical ssh host keys
sys-stats 5K08-Nov-2008 09:27Gather system information that needs root privs.
tcp-proxy 4K06-Oct-2001 04:53General proxy; created to access NNTPSERVER on another network
timestamp 2K24-Jul-2008 11:26Adds "hour:minutes" to output for long-running programs.
toolwait 1K30-May-2008 22:33Start a process not connected to controlling terminal, wait a bit.
z1gb 5K24-Dec-2007 06:36Determine how long it takes to write 1GB of zeros to the disk
zip-monthly 5K07-Feb-2008 22:44Creates multiple ZIP files, one per month (or year). 2K20-Sep-2009 21:34Add a summary line (percent gigabytes used) to Series 2 "Now Playing".


CGI and general utilities for web masters

NameSizeLast modifiedDescription
fix-noframes 7K07-Jul-1997 10:28Updates the NOFRAMES section to be a table of all the framesets.
fiximg 11K24-May-1997 10:47Rewrites 'IMG SRC=""' tags to include WIDTH= and HEIGHT= attributes.
qxurl 1K27-Dec-2002 08:56Prints 'A HREF=""' and 'IMG SRC=""' URLs from input file
weblint 57K24-Nov-1997 11:10weblint - pick fluff off WWW pages (html). Version 1.017
weblint.txt 14K28-Nov-1997 20:21weblint documentation
rgb2gray.cgi 3K31-Dec-2005 00:16Describes the behavior of Netscape on a Sun SPARCstation-SLC or ELC

Joe Smith