Scripts for processing the Apache access_log

NameSizeLast modifiedDescription
http-sum 20K03-Jan-2014 23:43Summarizes httpd access logs (NCSA common/combined log format)
http-graph 8K21-Jan-2014 03:03Converts bandwidth report from http-sum to a graph
http-ref 4K17-Nov-2001 11:38Creates http-sum.htm from http-sum.ref (written by http-sum).
rotate_logs 3K23-Nov-2001 08:34Rotates the Apache logs and compresses them. Optional logresolve.
sum-log 3K21-Jan-2014 02:52Pull Apache logs from web server, summarizes, send updates back.
mv-web-logs 2K22-May-2014 10:43Archives access_log.?.gz and error_log.?.gz to yearly subdirs
from-iserver 2K22-May-2014 06:53Pull Apache logs from a Verio iServer
http-activity 2K21-Jan-2014 00:35Creates html with graph and summary of activity.
nimdafilter 2K05-Nov-2001 19:30Filters out Nimda requests from the access log
http-sum.ini 2K15-Feb-2002 01:02Configuration file for http-sum
../ [DIR]18-Sep-2014 23:43Joe Smith's useful scripts