Tymshare facility on Bubb Road in Cupertino, CA, circa 1980.
Courtesy of Ernie Vance Socci.
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evsoffic.jpg      64K  Ernie Vance Socci brought these pictures to the Tymshare reunion
lpts.jpg          48K  Lineprinters, System 33 (a KI) in the background
machnrm.jpg       68K  Bubb Road machine room, System 37 on right
memorex.jpg       73K  Memorex 3630 disks = 200 Mb = IBM 3330-II = DEC RP06
opr.jpg           56K  TYMCOM-X gave operators privileges to mount tape and save files
ampex128.jpg      32K  Older Ampex memory box, 128 K words (576 K bytes)
evsoffic lpts machnrm memorex opr ampex128
ampex256.jpg      54K  Ampex memory box, 256 K words (1152 K bytes)
ampexdsk.jpg      59K  Ampex disks, also 200 Mb per removable disk pack
augmenka.jpg      80K  AUGMENT - KA running Tenex (OFFICE-1.ARPA)
BBNPager.jpg      54K  BBN pager for AUGMENT KA (See also Dan Murphy's Tenex pictures)
disks.jpg         77K  Ampex disks in front of System 37's memory boxes
sys37a.jpg        70K  System 37 (hardware TT), a KI-10
kicons.jpg        61K  KI console
ampex256 ampexdsk augmenka BBNPager disks sys37a kicons
sys37tp.jpg       51K  System 37 tape drives (STC) and LA36 terminals
system29.jpg      59K  System 29 (hardware ZZ), a KL-10
sys37tp system29

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