Tymshare Reunion 2000 at Quinlan Community Center July 1, 2000 6-11pm
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PDP10-pics.jpg      01-Jul-2000 21:00  24.0K  Assorted pictures of PDP-10 systems on Bubb Road
PDP10-people.jpg    01-Jul-2000 21:30  33.0K  Part of the TYMCOM-X group
PDP10-group.jpg     01-Jul-2000 21:15  56.0K  Mike Hinkley, Becky Soley, Lynn Gold, Bill Soly, ???, Adele Newman, Carl Baltrunas
Soley-Socci.jpg     01-Jul-2000 22:30  25.0K  Soleys and Ernie (Vance) Socci
Logo-XV.jpg         01-Jul-2000 23:00  49.0K  Needlepoint of the Tymshare logo
Logo-big.jpg        01-Jul-2000 23:00  18.0K  Another needlepoint
Toast-to-Tom.jpg    01-Jul-2000 23:30  75.0K  Ron Braniff leads a toast to Tom (TJ) O'Rourke (elderly man in tan jacket)
PDP10-pics PDP10-people PDP10-group Soley-Socci Logo-XV Logo-big Toast-to-Tom
Tom-speech.jpg      01-Jul-2000 23:30  73.0K  Tom thanks all the people who agreed to work at Tymshare
Tom-ovation.jpg     01-Jul-2000 23:30  57.0K  The audience responds to the speech
Tom-audience.jpg    01-Jul-2000 23:30  85.0K  The people who applauded Tom
Tom-Kathy.jpg       02-Jul-2000 00:00  59.0K  Event organizer Kathy Donigan (center) talks to Marge and Tom O'Rourke
People.jpg          02-Jul-2000 00:30  58.0K  People
LaRoy-Tymes.jpg     02-Jul-2000 01:00  49.0K  LaRoy Tymes (in Hawaiian shirt), the designer of Tymnet
Tom-speech Tom-ovation Tom-audience Tom-Kathy People LaRoy-Tymes
Logo-outside.jpg    02-Jul-2000 01:30  25.0K  Ashtray at community center just happens to look like the Tymshare logo

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