Baycon 15, May 23-26, 1997
Red Lion Inn, San Jose, CA
28 images
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97052601.jpg    47.0K  512x384  Klingons demonstrating betleH fighting
97052602.jpg    45.0K  512x384  Close-up on Klingons
97052603.jpg    47.0K  512x384  More Klingons
97052604.jpg    41.0K  512x384  Artist's ghetto, outside Art Show and Dealer's Room
97052605.jpg    39.0K  512x384  Kate and friends
97052606.jpg    36.0K  512x384  Obiwan Kenobe was pre-registered, listed under "K"
97052601 97052602 97052603 97052604 97052605 97052606
97052607.jpg    37.0K  512x384  People in the hallways
97052609.jpg    43.0K  512x384  Black and white kitten, competition for Kit-Kat
97052611.jpg    39.0K  512x384  Klingon Opera
97052612.jpg    39.0K  512x384  Hall costumes: Imperial Storm Trooper
97052614.jpg    42.0K  512x384  Gosh, Goths!
97052618.jpg    38.0K  512x384  "We had to color; the Klingons wouldn't let us sing show tunes."
97052607 97052609 97052611 97052612 97052614 97052618
97052619.jpg    43.0K  512x384  Mideastern Prince and Queen/Sorceress
97052620.jpg    38.0K  512x384  Four Westerfields
97052621.jpg    41.0K  512x384  Regency ladies, before the Mardi Gras Masquerade
97052622.jpg    38.0K  512x384  Cute little orange kitten (before it met Murdock)
97052626.jpg    44.0K  512x384  Two Rangers and a Delenn
97052627.jpg    42.0K  512x384  Centauri dancing slave
97052619 97052620 97052621 97052622 97052626 97052627
97052628.jpg    37.0K  512x384  Major belly dancing
97052629.jpg    32.0K  512x384  Murdock predicts which side of chair Punkin will appear from
97052608.jpg    23.0K  384x512  Heather Alexander in Maxi's Lounge
97052613.jpg    39.0K  384x512  Period hall costumes (wenches just want to have fun)
97052615.jpg    39.0K  384x512  Joe mounts a surpise attack on Chris and John
97052616.jpg    39.0K  384x512  Terry asks, "Gee, Pinky, what are we going to do tonight?"
97052617.jpg    29.0K  384x512  More happy furries
97052623.jpg    32.0K  384x512  Runner up: Blinky the Plaedean Crustracean and Cyborg
97052624.jpg    32.0K  384x512  Knight in armor
97052628 97052629 97052608 97052613 97052615 97052616 97052617 97052623 97052624
97052625.jpg    41.0K  384x512  Murdock and his adoring public

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