Scottish Games in Woodland, CA
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97042601.jpg    40.0K  Meeting at the gate: Julian, Terry, Sally, Patje
97042602.jpg    47.0K  Sally and the cuddly coo
97042603.jpg    44.0K  Champion Scottish Fold cat
97042605.jpg    40.0K  Gathering of the tartans
97042606.jpg    40.0K  Historical camp
97042607.jpg    40.0K  King's soldiers
97042601 97042602 97042603 97042605 97042606 97042607
97042608.jpg    39.0K  Clan Donald
97042609.jpg    38.0K  More clansmen
97042610.jpg    41.0K  Royal flag and Scottish flag
97042611.jpg    39.0K  Clan McClown (instead of Clan McLeod)
97042612.jpg    40.0K  Sheep dogs
97042614.jpg    43.0K  Border collies and cart
97042608 97042609 97042610 97042611 97042612 97042614
97042615.jpg    42.0K  Cat and Shetland pony
97042616.jpg    39.0K  Sheep being herded
97042617.jpg    45.0K  Clan Donald tent
97042618.jpg    41.0K  Irish camp
97042624.jpg    37.0K  Mass bands, close
97042625.jpg    39.0K  Note tiny drum major at center
97042615 97042616 97042617 97042618 97042624 97042625
97042626.jpg    41.0K  Mass bands, playing
97042627.jpg    39.0K  Mass bands, playing
97042628.jpg    41.0K  Bands leaving
97042629.jpg    39.0K  Bands turning
97042630.jpg    40.0K  Bands going
97042633.jpg    34.0K  Ironman walk - each weight is 175 pounds (350 lbs total)
97042626 97042627 97042628 97042629 97042630 97042633
97042634.jpg    47.0K  Terry acting silly in line for food, and Julian
97042635.jpg    44.0K  Pat kept her mouth open, and Sally
97042636.jpg    43.0K  Julian, Terry, Sally, Joy, friend, Pat
97042619.jpg    44.0K  Joe in new Clan Donald t-shirt
97042622.jpg    68.0K  Closeup of fire dragon
97042637.jpg    34.0K  Joe, after carrying weights 10 feet
97042634 97042635 97042636 97042619 97042622 97042637

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