Clan Donald has a small presence on the Isle of Sky.
Clan Donald, the former Lord of the Isles, now have only two castles on the Isle of Skye. Armadale Castle and Visitor Centre is at the far south end and the ruins of Duntulm Castle are at far north end.

The other directory has pictures of Culloden and Glencoe. More pictures of Skye are on the MacLeod site.

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armadale01.jpg    46.0K  The house of the former head of the MacDonalds is now a museum.
armadale02.jpg    52.0K  The south end has been reduced to a marble stairway and this arch.
armadale03.jpg    50.0K  The rest of the southern addition has been removed.
armadale04.jpg    38.0K  The middle section has been stabilized, the north section is original dwelling.
armadale05.jpg    67.0K  Staircase is now an elegant planter.
armadale06.jpg    56.0K  Interior ruins, 1 of 4.
armadale07.jpg    58.0K  Interior ruins, 2 of 4.
armadale01 armadale02 armadale03 armadale04 armadale05 armadale06 armadale07
armadale08.jpg    58.0K  Interior ruins, 3 of 4.
armadale09.jpg    57.0K  Interior ruins, 4 of 4.
armadale10.jpg    53.0K  East side of Clan Donald Centre.  (entrance around back)
armadale11.jpg    52.0K  West side of Clan Donald Centre.
armadale12.jpg    40.0K  West side of middle section.
armadale13.jpg    47.0K  West side of stairs and arch.
armadale08 armadale09 armadale10 armadale11 armadale12 armadale13
armadale14.jpg    41.0K  View from front yard: the Sound of Sleat.
armadale15.jpg    48.0K  The Stables are now a restaurant, tea room and gift shop.
flora-mem.jpg     38.0K  Monument to Flora MacDonald (savior of Bonnie Prince Charlie).
duntulm.jpg       45.0K  Duntulm Castle ruins, at the far north end of Skye.
armadale14 armadale15 flora-mem duntulm

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