Pocket Dragon Adventures
Filbert Zoom-Zoom Scribbles Specs Cuddles Binky

Song Lyrics

Pocket Dragons, Pocket Dragons, Pocket Dragons
they're brave as they can be
They're small but what you get
isn't always what you see
Something new 'round every corner,
action packed with mystery
Pocket Dragon Adventures

There's Cuddles and there's Binky
Filbert always thinks he's right
Scribbles loves inventing
But her gadgets are a fright
Zoom Zoom tries to fly
But he never gets too far, and
Specs has got another plan
To raid the cookie jar

Pocket Dragons, they surely will amuse
They'll stand up to a knight
but barely see above his shoes
They'll build a new contraption
you would never think to use
Oh No! Look Out! Kazootles!!!
It must have blown a fuse

There's always an adventure
Waiting to be found
But they don't always see it coming
'Cause they're so close to the ground
Still they'll rise to the occasion
Headed straight for victory
And they won't stop for anything
Unless they pass a bakery

Pocket Dragons, get ready, here they come
So many ways to save the day, they can't decide which one!
Though their magic doesn't always work, it's always just as fun
Pocket Dragon Adventures!

Music and Lyrics by Sandy Howell and Matt McGuire


This is the order that the episodes were shown on San Francisco.

Story Editors: Marv Wolfman, Craig Miller
Episodes Written by:

episode 1
episode 2
episode 3
episode 4
"Speed of Flight"
Marv Wolfman
"Just Desserts"
Craig Miller
"In Your Dreams"
Craig Miller
"Science Friction"
Marv Wolfman
"A Harp Day's Night"
Craig Miller
"It Came From Outer Space"
Marv Wolfman
"Sea Sickness"
Marv Wolfman
"A Clear and Present Scribbles"
Craig Miller
"Minky Business"
Craig Miller
"The Unicorn Hunters"
Marv Wolfman
"Down Deep"
Craig Miller
"A Rocky Friendship"
Karen Wilson & Chris Weber
"Snow Job"
Marv Wolfman
"Pen Pals"
Craig Miller
"A Cold, Cruel World"
Marv Wolfman
Len Wein
"Ducks Amok!"
Marv Wolfman & Craig Miller
"A Dragon In This Dress"
Marv Wolfman
"Shmahz Strikes Again"
Douglas Booth
"The Nervous Novice"
Craig Miller
"Malice With The Chalice"
Marv Wolfman
"Follow The Leader"
Len Wein
Marv Wolfman
"Hail, Hail, the Gengis Here"
Marv Wolfman
"Thief in the Night"
Douglas Booth
"There's No Place Like Gnome"
Mark W. Nelson
"Something Wicker This Way Comes"
Robert N. Skir, Marty Isenberg
"The Trouble With Scribbles"
Robert N. Skir, Marty Isenberg
"Attack of the 50 ft. Binky"
Len Wein
"Snow Binky and the Six Pocket Dragons"
Marv Wolfman
"Reservoir Clogs"
Marlowe Weisman
"Jester Round the Bend"
Marlowe Weisman
"Fled a Good Book Lately?"
Steve Cuden
"The Frill of a Lifetime"
Doug Molitor
"Brother, Can You Spare a Dragon?"
Genevieve Dazzo
"A Really Bad Hair Day"
Robert N. Skir, Marty Isenberg
"A Babe in the Woods"
Steve Cuden
"Sleepwalk on the Wild Side"
Craig Miller
"Here There Be Dragons"
Len Wein
"Binky: Warrior Princess"
Marv Wolfman
"Rose Colored Specs"
Robert N. Skir, Marty Isenberg
"Another Fine Hex"
Marth Moran
"Altitude Adjustment"
Robert N. Skir, Marty Isenberg
"The Echoing Dwarf"
Mark W. Nelson
"Binky and the Beanstalk"
Marth Moran
"Mortal Wombat"
Christy Marx
"The Unbearable Lightness of Zoom-Zoom"
Genevieve Dazzo


Tracy Berna Opposites Distract
Doug Booth Fine Feathered Frenzy
Shmahz Strikes Again
Thief in the Night
Tree's A Crowd
Steve Cuden Babe In The Woods
Fled A Good Book Lately
The Ransom of Sparkles
Genevieve Dazzo Brother, Can You Spare A Dragon?
Disguise In Love With You
First Pocket Dragons On The Moon
It's A Gift
The Unbearable Lightness Of Zoom-Zoom
Genevieve Dazzo & Craig Miller The Beast of Times
Evelyn Gabai Bewitched, Bothered, & Bedragoned
Shari Goodhartz Book 'Em, Cuddles
Barry Hawkins Clanks A Million!!
Peter Hunziker Dragon Snaps
Marty Isenberg & Bob Skir
(see also Bob Skir & Marty Isenberg)
Altitude Adjustment
King of the Hill
Rose Colored Specs
The Trouble With Scribbles
Gordon Kent A Dry Spell
Earl Kress All's Faire
Christy Marx Clockwork Berserk
Mortal Wombat
Bill Matheny Sharp Dressed Gnome
Craig Miller Christmas Rap
A Clear And Present Scribbles
Day For Knight
Down Deep
A Harp Day's Night
In Your Dreams
Just Desserts
Minky Business
The Nervous Novice
Off To Flee The Wizard
Pen Pal
Sleepwalk on the Wild Side
Stop! Pay Troll!
Surely You Joust
Zoom-Zoom's Wish
Doug Molitor The Frill Of A Lifetime
Nothing But The Roof
Martha Moran All That Glitters
Another Fine Hex
Binky & The Beanstalk
Slice of Ice
Weather or Not
Francis Moss & Ted Pedersen Now You See Me, Now You Don't
Mark Nelson The Echoing Dwarf
There's No Place Like Gnome
Will Shetterly & Emma Bull The Big Nap
Bob Skir & Marty Isenberg The Dickens You Say
Festival of Lights
A Really Bad Hair Day
Something Wicker This Way Comes
Roger Slifer Gone With The Wand
Brooks Wachtel & Cynthia Harrison My Fair Dragon
Bobbi JG Weiss & David Cody Weiss Dumb Ditty Doo
Gnome Improvement
Trap Happy
Len Wein Attack of the 50 ft. Binky
Follow The Leader
Here There Be Dragons
A Kite To Remember
Raiders Of The Lost Cookies
Winter Take All
Marlowe Weisman And Dust Is For All
It's A Wonderful Fruitcake
Jester Round The Bend
Knight To Remember
Mission: Indigestible
Pillow Squawk
Reservoir Clogs
Shadow of a Bout
Kurt Weldon How The Grackul Stole Christmas
Cherie Wilkerson The Frog Princess
Karen Willson & Chris Weber Dark Moon Rising
A Rocky Friendship
Marv Wolfman A Dragon In This Dress
Binky, Warrior Princess
Cold, Cruel World
Gnome Alone
Hail, Hail, The Ghengis Here
It Came From Outer Space
Malice With The Chalice
Monster Mash
Never Wish Upon A Star
PDs vs. The Flying Saucer
Science Friction
Sea Sickness
Snow Binky
Snow Job
The Speed of Flight
The Unicorn Hunters
Yonder Lies The Castle of My Wizard
Marv Wolfman & Craig Miller All Alone And Feeling Boo
Ducks Amok!
Marv Wolfman & Len Wein Dragons, Dragons Everywhere

Voice Actors

Ian James Corlett . . . Filbert
Jason Gray Stanford . . Zoom-Zoom
Samuel Vincent  . . . . Specs
Kathleen Barr . . . . . Scribbles
Tabitha St. Germain . . Binky
Terry Klassen . . . . . Cuddles
Venus Terzo . . . . . . Cuddles
Christopher Gaze  . . . Wizard
Robert O. Smith . . . . Sparkles
Saffron Henderson . . . Princess Betty Bye Bell
Also starring Garry Chalk
Long John Baldry
Lee Tockar
Dave Ward
French Tickner
Jessy Moss
Michael Dobson
Jay Brazeau
Alec Willows
Dale Wilson
Don Brown
Doug Parker
Mark Oliver
Russel Roberts
Richard Newman
Bill Reiter

[See also the Vancouver Voice Actors page in the Mainframe section of this site.]

End Credits

Wizard Emeritus
Real Musgrave
Based on the characters created by
Real Musgrave
Development for television by
Marv Wolfman, Craig Miller
Executive Producers
Antoni D'Ocon, Craig Miller, Marv Wolfman
BKN Executive in Charge of Production
Allen J. Bohbot
Executive Producer
Kaaren Lee Brown
DIC Executive Producers
Andy Heyward, Robby London, Michael Maliani
Produced and Directed by
Kurt Weldon
Executive in Charger of Production
Stacey Gallishaw
Production Supervisor
Emily Wensel
Assisted by
Tracy Hansen
Associate Producer
Andy Boron
Production Coordinators
Ninette Kohley, Pam Arseneau, Jennifer Cheng, Paul VAllas, Jerome Gross
Art Director Storyboard Supervisor
Scott Heming
Storyboard Directory
Jose' Gasco'n Hurtado
Voice Direction and Casting
Terry Classen, Paul F. Quinn
Voice Over Production Studio
BLT Productions, Ltd.
Talent Coordination
Mike Harris, Tanya Taylor, Jessica Grant, Lisa Schaffer
Pocket Dragons Cast
(see list above)
Director of Research
Renee Toporzysck
Research Assistant
Jerry Bryant, Jr.
Production Controller
Kathy Wong
Script Coordinators
William A. Ruiz, Patrick Boylan
Character Design
Shane Donahue, Hai Hao Schen
Prop Design
Edward Laroche, George Goodchild, Jose' Gasco'n Hertado, Ye Shen
Background Design
Tec Manalac, Cesar DeCastro, Li Feng Gao
Background Color Styling
Hector Martinez, Richard Ziehler-Martin, Hai Ying Yu
Characters & Prop Color Styling
Robin Koblin, Derdat Agmalian, Christopher Hooten
Storyboards by
Bab Fuentes, Adriane Gonzalez, Scitt Heming, Larry Houston, Glen Hill, Art Mahwinney, Tec Manalac, Edwin T. Neberes, Tom Nesbit, Mike Swanigan, Keith Tucker, Zhi Gang Wang, Chen He
Storyboard Revisions by
Scott Hemming, Shane Donahue, Gary Clair, Ben Fried, Carmen Garcia Gonzalez
Timing Directors
Mike Lyman, Fred Miller, Bob Nessler, Ron Myrick
Exposure Sheet Timers
John Cataldi, Fred Crippen, Arron Crippen, Holly du Rivage, Jamie Huang, Kris Sherwood, Kunio Shimamura, Dan Thompson, Rich Trueblood
Music Supervisor
Karyn Ulman
Music Assistant
Shanda M. Williamson
Music Coordinator
Nathan L. Adams
Pocket Dragon Adventures Main Title Song
Music and Lyrics by: Matt McGuire & Sandy Howell
Music By: Matt McGuire
Executive in Charger of Post Production
Kevin McLaughlin
Post Production Management
Kathleen Mary O'Hara
Post Production Coordinator
Joanna Villamor
Post Assistant
Dunte Bell
Picture Editors
Theresa Gilroy-Nielson, Richard C. Allen
Assistant Editors
Mike DePatie, Gayle McIntyre
Music Editor
Peter Collier
Supervising Sound Engineer
Michael J. Cowan
Dialog Editors
Heather Catherine Elliott, Michael J. Cowan
Sound Services Provided by
Fidelity Studios
Supervising Sound Editor
Stephen P. Robinson, Steve Cartwright
Re-Recording Mixers
Mike Beiriger, Mike Draghi
Sound Effects Editors
Verna Mandel, Robert Davies
Assistant Editors
Les Arenson, Larry Elliot, Laurie Truxall, Laurie Davies, Violet Ripp
ADR/Foley Recordist
Maxim Carl
Foley Artist
Diane Parrino
Foley Assistant
Jose Hernandez
Sound Facility Coordinator
John Davies
Videopost Supervisor
Fifun A. Amini
Post Production Video Facilities
Matchframe Video
On-line Editor
Craig Price
Assistant Editor
Darrin Hallihan
Electronic Graphics
Leigh Thomas
Joe Hathaway
Assistant Colorist
Eric Fried
Animation Production
Han Yang Animation Co., Ltd.
Animation Production
Animation Services Hong Kong Limited
DIC Translation Department
Jung Son, Joseph Cho
Creative Consultant
Muff Bauer Musgrave
Creative Supervisor
Antoni D'Ocon
Creative Coordinator
Arron Severson
President / BKN Kids Network
Geroge Baratta
Senior Vice President / Domestic Affiliate Station Sales
John Hess
Senior Vice President / Domesting Consumer Products
Elisa Feeney
President / BKN International
Nadia Nardonnet
Senior Vice President / Director Internationsl Licensing and Merchandising
Veronique Angelino
Vice President / Sales Administration
Christing Muhlbach
Vice President / Business Affairs
Michelle Ann Craig
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