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ReBoot is available on home video (NTSC only, 14-Dec-98)

Video tapes of ReBoot were available during the third quarter of 1995 and are now available again on Mainframe Merchandise Page.

NTSC format in North America

So far, these episodes have been released:
  1. Medusa Bug, Polygram Video "800 635 885-3"
  2. Wizards, Warriors, and a Word From Our Sponsor, Polygram Video "800 635 883-3"
  3. The Great Brain Robbery, Polygram Video "800 636 869-3"
  4. Talent Night, Polygram Video "800 636 871-3"
[Cover to Medusa] [Cover to Wizards] [Cover to Robbery] [Cover to Talent]

As of 14-Dec-98, the Mainframe Store now has all four of the videos in stock. (They purchased all of Polygram's unsold stock.)

PAL format in the UK

The UK release has two episodes per tape
  1. Volume 1: The Tearing / Racing the Clock
    Polygram Video 6346263
  2. Volume 2: The Quick and the Fed / Medusa Bug
    Polygram Video 6346283
In 1995, they were seen in WH Smiths, Toys'R'Us, HMV - but usually filed in the kid's section.

Note from Fox:

For some reason the spine layout design is completely different between the two tapes. I can only assume they went through a fast rethink when they saw the first one. It's not *that* bad. Covers aren't as inventive as the American edition - just stills and logo.

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