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Q: Who is the guy that maintains the "Unoffical ReBoot Home Page" ?

A: He is not employed by any company that creates, distributes, or airs the show; he is just a fan living in the San Francisco Bay Area, in California, USA. He is an adult who likes ReBoot and War Planets / Shadow Raiders.

Joe Smith

P.O. Box 192, Fremont, CA, 94536
Age . . .
40+ (ReBoot is not just for kids)
Home Page has more information.
Halloween costume
old Bob (designed and constructed by Christina O'Halloran).
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Note: Questions about employment or product licensing should be sent the respective companies, not to Joe Smith. A list of companies involved in the production of ReBoot can be found on the Production and Other pages.

Trivia about this page

I wanted to make all of my ReBoot stuff self-contained, so that it could be put onto a CD-ROM if needed. Since my full home page is stored in a different directory (, I had to create a new author's page. This one has information more applicable to my interest in ReBoot.

The two pictures above were shot in my back yard, using a camcorder and Snappy connected to a Win-95 laptop. The T-shirt is similar to the ones sold by Sony Signatures, Bob's Car was a reward for helping Irwin Toy, and the toys on the grass were purchased at the local Toys-R-Us store.

The hat started out as a Jurassic Park cap, to which I added blue and orange flashing LEDs (to make it look like the warning lights on the electric fence). The ReBoot logo was cut from the cardboard backing of a poseable Bob figure, then attached to the hat.

Why ReBoot?

I've worked with computers since 1967, when the Boulder Valley School District installed an ASR-33 Teletype at the Nederland High School. We had an account that allowed students to run BASIC on the SDS computers at NCAR (National Center for Atmospheric Research).

I got introduced to ReBoot by accident. A friend from Sacramento was staying overnight in order to attend a Science Fiction con, so we were all up earlier than normal on a Saturday. ReBoot was on ABC back then, and I got hooked. This was a cartoon that did not pander to the kiddies - many of the funny lines were written to be funny to adults too. And the computer generated images were quite impressive. Creating even a single scene on a graphics-oriented personal computer (such as the Commodore Amiga) takes hours, or even days, so it was obvious that lot of man-hours and computer time had been had been expended in creating this marvelous show.

I like ReBoot because of plot lines, and the sheer technical wizardry of its graphics.

Why not "Beast Wars"?

At the time that Beast Wars (aka Beasties) came out, I was still concentrating on Season III of ReBoot. Several other people were doing a good job at keeping up with the latest happenings with the Transformers &tm; toys.

Why "War Planets / Shadow Raiders"?

It's another great program from Mainframe Entertainment Inc., and the timing was right.

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