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Official ReBoot Resources


MainFrame Entertainment Inc (formerly BLT Productions)

Mainframe Entertainment Inc.'s home page has been up since June, 1997. It was brought on-line in time for the IPO (Initial Public Offering) on 17-Jun-97.

Here are shortcuts to the ReBoot section, characters, voices, episodes, FAQ.


Alliance Television launched the official ReBoot Home Page on August 4th, 1995. It was updated in September 1995, and shut down in October 1997. They now have only a small section on ReBoot.

Here's a shortcut to their QuickTime animations.



The YTV web site went on-line 10-Mar-97. (Both www.ytv.com and www.ytv.ca go to the same IP address.) Their ReBoot page is www.ytv.com/shows/reboot/
E-mail can be sent to info@ytv.ca

Irwin Toy Limited

The home page for Irwin-Toy.COM was activated in July, 1995. Vote for your favorite episode. Play the ReBoot challenge word game.

Toys: www.irwin-toy.com/reboot.htm
Episodes: irwin.hype.com:8001/irwin/reboot/episodes/episode.htm (seasons 1 and 2)
Word Game: Games page

Claster Television

Claster TV does not have a web page yet.

Meridian TV in the UK

Meridian/ITV had a preview of Season III on their web page.

Showcase in Canada

Showcase in Canada will be showing episodes from the first and second seasons.


Sony Signatures

Sony Signatures sells three ReBoot T-shirts (in children's sizes only).

PolyGram Video

Producers of the ReBoot Videos on VHS. Their site has a 34-second AVI movie (2.9 meg).

American CyberSuperStores

Videos of ReBoot are available.

E-On gamezine

Interview with Enzo.

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