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The Show

(ReBoot) ReBoot was produced in Canada and is 100% CGI (Computer Generated Imagery). It was created on Silicon Graphics workstations using SoftImage software. Seven episodes were originally produced for the first season (Fall 1994). An additional six episodes were added to the first season when the the show was renewed for a second season. The third season has been shown on the YTV network in Canada. In the US, it will air on the Cartoon Network starting in January of 1999.

The show has won a Gemini Award for the Canadian best animated program series on the YTV network.

The concept for ReBoot was copyrighted in 1991 (which is the date in the end credits), but the first show was produced in April of 1993 and shown in the US on ABC in September 1994. Much of the visual design of the show was done by Brendan McCarthy, a well-known comic book artist. Brendan has a new project: Z-MEN.

It took six weeks to produce a pair of half-hour shows during the first season. They produce two or more shows in parallel, so that all the animators won't be reporting to a single director. Only a few seconds of finished product are created per animator on a typical work day.

Mainframe is hiring animators now.

The Toy Story web page has the history of computer graphics, an excerpt from the book "Becoming a Computer Animator" by Michael Morrison.

Created by Mainframe Entertainment Inc.

Mainframe has gone public. Shares of stock have been traded on the TSC (Toronto Stock Exchange) since 16-Jun-97. (Ticker symbol MFE).

Bob Buckley Productions

The guy that did all the music for ReBoot has his own website: Bob Buckley Productions.

Fan Mail

ReBoot does not have a fan club at this time.

If you wish to write to the producers to tell them what you think of their show, use the address above for sending fan mail.

To repeat: There is no fan club.

Distributed internationally by Alliance

Alliance does the international distribution. For questions about ReBoot in North America, contact Mainframe at address above. Alliance has several QuickTime movies showing the people who create ReBoot.

Co-produced with YTV


The Setting

cast of characters and logo The story takes place in the city of Mainframe, somewhere on the Net. The bad guys are trying to break out and access the Supercomputer. Every once in a while the User downloads a game, and the citizens of Mainframe are called to battle.

During the opening sequence, Mainframe shows up as a round city floating above a sea of blue. If you look carefully at the 2 o'clock position, you can see the three olive-drab skyscrapers that are Baudway. (The buildings are the size of a larger "The Broadway" department store.)

Dot's Diner is on the top level near Baudway. Megabyte's tower, the Silicon Tor, is somewhere in the industrial sector. Hexadecimal has a lair under the streets of Lost Angles. Phong lives in the Principle Office at the very center.

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