Press Kit: Renewed for 1995-1996
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ALLIANCE Communications Corporation

The First 100% Computer Animation Series


ABC and YTV Order Season Two
of Cutting-Edge Animation

For Immediate Release:
Toronto, January 11, 1995
- Alliance Communications Corporation announced today that its first animation venture, ReBoot, has been renewed for a second season by the ABC Network in the United States and YTV in Canada. Both networks have placed orders for a minimum of 10 additional episodes of the world's only 100% computerized animation series.

The strongest ratings performer in ABC's Saturday morning lineup, ReBoot airs at 9:30 ET (8:30 CT/PT). The series takes viewers into a magical electrical world inside a personal computer, to the multi-level city of Mainframe, populated by computer sprites, an eclectic mixture of digital information in the forms of machines and combinations thereof.

In Canada, ReBoot is one of YTV's top rated shows with a weekly reach of more than one million viewers. YTV's J. Kevin Wright, Director of Programming, said "YTV is delighted to be involved with the second season of this exciting, Canadian program! Every episode is more spectacular than the last. ReBoot continues to challenge conventional animation and it's a great fit for YTV, Canada's network for young people." YTV airs ReBoot Wednesdays at 7:30 with repeats Friday at 7:30 and Sunday at noon.

"The second season order is a tribute to the team that produces this cutting-edge show," said Steven DeNure, President of Alliance Productions. "These artists have gone where no animators have gone before on a weekly series and have come through with flying colours. That's really what it's all about."

A world-wide license program is in place and ReBoot merchandise will start appearing in stores across the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom in Spring 1995.

ReBoot is a co-production between Alliance Communications and BLT Productions and is produced in association with ABC, YTV and Meridien. ReBoot is produced entirely at a dedicated CGI facility in Vancouver, British Columbia. ReBoot is produced by Christopher Borough and directed by Zontag Entertainment. Executive Producers are Stehpane Reichel, Steve Barron and Ian Pearson who is also the Co-creator and Executive Creative Consultant.

Please contact:
Suzan Ayscough, Director of Communications
Alliance Communications Corporation
Toronto, Ontario
Telephone: (416)967-1174

920 Yonge Street - Suite 400 - Toronto - Ontario - Canada - M4W 3C7
Tel. 416/967-1174 - Fax 416/960-0971
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