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ABC special, Friday 8-Sep-95, 8:30pm

Preview of the new Saturday morning line-up

On the evening of Friday the 8th of September, ABC ran a half-hour "Saturday Morning Preview" show, which described the new fall line-up. Two kids hack into the ABC mainframe to look at the top-secret files there. They attract the attention of Megabyte, who kidnaps all the Saturday morning shows and demands: "Bring me the president of Television." "Why?" "I want my own prime-time series!"

Kid: Where's the can of Rust-Be-Gone when you need it?
Megabyte: Where's the can of Kid-Be-Gone when you need it?

The kids receive a video tape of Mr. Bumpy pleading for his life. Megabyte sings:

Two bits, four bits, sixty-eight bits strong,
If you think you can fool Megabyte, your motherboard is wrong!
Show the President this tape; he'll see how I am made.
It's a prime time star I'll be, never will I fade
Ha hahahahahahaha

Hastala vista ... Baby.

I'm ready for my close-up, Mr. De Mille.

My delete key is getting itchy.

The kids convince Megabyte to download onto their hard disk, so that he would be in the room when it came time to make the exchange of hostages. MB thinks that's a great idea, but when he shows up, he is zapped by an anti virus program and Saturday morning is saved.

Display screen: "Path Search in Progress", "(*) EOF", "Don't Panic", "Warning: Route Deallocated"

Megabyte: "I'll get you my pretty ... and your little dog too."
Kid: "Wrong movie."

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