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BizCard.gif       5.00K  Business card: "ReBoot information on-line"
Joe1.jpg          58.0K  Webmaster, with Bob's car and custom T-shirt
Joe2.jpg          20.0K  The face of the guy to created this home page
Bay.gif           9.00K  Joe Smith lives in the San Francisco Bay Area
BizCard Joe1 Joe2 Bay

City-1a.jpg 36.0K Downtown Vancouver, 1a City-1b.jpg 37.0K Downtown Vancouver, 1b City-1c.jpg 35.0K Downtown Vancouver, 1c City-2a.jpg 30.0K View from Science World park City-2b.jpg 33.0K Downtown is to left of BC dome and GM dome City-2c.jpg 35.0K Park has obelisk, like "Beast Wars: Trigger Effect"
City-1a City-1b City-1c City-2a City-2b City-2c
1045howe.jpg      21.0K  In same building as National Film Board of Canada
Toys1.jpg         44.0K  Merchandising ...
Toys2.jpg         46.0K  ... for ReBoot ...
Toys3.jpg         44.0K  ... and Beast Wars
Mairi.jpg         41.0K  Mairi Welman, Director of Corporate Communications
Kathleen.jpg      38.0K  Kathleen Gallager, assistant to Mairi
GavinBlair.jpg    18.0K  Gavin Blair, one of the co-creators of ReBoot
1045howe Toys1 Toys2 Toys3 Mairi Kathleen GavinBlair
1045logo.jpg      37.0K  Chrome-plated "ReBoot" on 5th floor
Mainf14.jpg       45.0K  Adam Wood-Gaines and Tim Belsher - Software Developers
Mainf15.jpg       165.K  In the IMAX suite, Andrew "Spanky" Grant - Sr. Animator
Mainf16.jpg       42.0K  In the IMAX suite, back of Senior animator Keith "Yoshimo" Arima's head
Mainf17.jpg       36.0K  Office of Dr. Dave Fracchia a.k.a. Dr. Dude - Sr. Software Developer
Mainf18.jpg       38.0K  Marco Tremblay - Modeler (with a strange white raccoon)
1045logo Mainf14 Mainf15 Mainf16 Mainf17 Mainf18
Mainf19.jpg       31.0K  Jeremy Miller - Modeler
Mainf20.jpg       35.0K  Ryan Cleven & Christos Obretenov - Co-op students in the Software Development Dept.
Mainf21.jpg       37.0K  Steve Sacks - Editor, Steve Ball- Director and Walter Hseih - Supervising Animator in Avid 'A'
Mainf22.jpg       45.0K  Jason Fredricksen - Sound Wizard
Mainf24.jpg       158.K  Terri-Kim "TK" Chuckry - Animator
Mainf25.jpg       150.K  Mabel Chan - Animator
Mainf19 Mainf20 Mainf21 Mainf22 Mainf24 Mainf25
Mainf27.jpg       42.0K  Snack room - carbonated beverages galore
Mainf28.jpg       41.0K  Snack room - every type of cereal from the store
KathMairi.jpg     77.0K  Kathleen Gallager (left) and Mairi Welman (right)
Mainf27 Mainf28 KathMairi

BobCos0.jpg 72.0K Reference models: trading card and action figure BobCos1.jpg 33.0K Chris O'Halloran is the seamstress; mask from "$0.98 Store" BobCos2.jpg 10.0K Help, I'm stuck in the Web! BobCos3.jpg 16.0K Glitch, game stats! (built out of a headband flashlight)
BobCos0 BobCos1 BobCos2 BobCos3

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