Shadow Raiders: Episode Guide
Started 12-Sep-98 and 13-Sep-98 in the US. Started 16-Sep-98 on YTV in Canada.

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1st Season

DVD 1: Uncommon Hero

01: Behold The Beast
02: On The Rocks
The first two episodes together are known as "War Planets: The Beginning".
The one-hour showing included scenes from upcoming episodes.
03: Born in Fire
04: Bad to the Bone

DVD 2: A Dangerous Enemy

05: Wolf in the Fold
06: Mind War
07: J'Accuse
08: Blood is Thicker ...

DVD 3: Final Hours

09: Rock and Ruin
10: Against All Odds
11: Uneasy Hangs the Head
12: Ragnarok: Part One
13: Ragnarok: Part Two

2nd Season

Second season started 31-Mar-99 in Canada on the YTV network.
It has not been shown in the US.

DVD 4: Alliance Attacks

14: Worlds Within Worlds
15: This is the Way the World Ends
16: Period of Adjustment
17: Blaze of Glory

DVD 5: Brave New Worlds

18: Sandstorm
19: Girls Night Out
20: Timebomb
21: Ember of the Past

DVD 6: Final Conflict

22: Divided We Stand
23: No Iron Bars a Cage
24: Death of a King
25: The Long Road Home
26: Ascension

End of show

As of June 2001, there are no plans for further episodes.