Joe Smith: I love my TiVo

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TiVo setup Marital bliss is His & Hers TiVo units. It's the only realistic way to keep Wishlists and Thumbs-Up data separate.

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Disk sizes

Discussion on Disk Sizes; an 80 billion byte disk holds 74.5 gigabytes.

Copy tystream to RAID on Linux

To guard against the case where my TiVo's hard disk goes out again, I copy some of the recordings to another Linux box that has 250 GB of disks in RAID-1.
cd ~/joe-tivo; perl ~/bin/from-tivo joe-tivo:3105 'TOON|G4TTV'

TiVo headquarters

TiVo headquarters in Alviso (north San Jose, California).

The first two pictures are from when when TiVo hits 1 million subscribers (December 2003), the next two from from November 2005.

Request for enhancements

Software additions I would like to see added: More suggestions: Megazone's Request For Enhancements.
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