The Good Guys
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The color images on this page are courtesy of some of the fine people at Mainframe Entertainment Inc. Thanks, guys!

The Good Guys

[JPG: Bob Dot Enzo Frisket]

Most character names and place names are puns on computer-related names. See the Glossary for details. With the exception of Bob and Phong, the citizens of Mainframe have a white and black diamond icon. (Top half: white triangle with black background, bottom half: black triangle on white background.)

Each small image here is a sample of a much larger image. Clicking on them will show much larger JPEG images. Most of them are about 720 x 560 pixels.


[JPG: Bob's face]
Voice: Michael Benyaer (Season I and II), Ian Corlett (Season III)

Bob is a Guardian, number 452. His goal is to mend and defend. He has to mend ruptures in the interface, and defend his friends from their enemies and from the User's games. Bob is human shaped with a blue face, hair that is the shiny gray of pure silicon, and wears an all-purpose device called Glitch on his armband. Bob's diamond icon is upside down compared to everyone else, has a gold background instead of white, and is shiny instead of flat.

His "hot shot" attitude has caused problems with the relationship between him and Dot (which appears to be strictly platonic). He has an apartment down by the docks, where he works on his car (which looks like a cross between a hovercraft and a 1950's Cadillac with fins).

Dot Matrix

[JPG: Dot's face]
Voice: Kathleen Barr

Dot owns Dot's Diner, the place where most of the stories start. She is a successful business woman, and either hates Bob for being such a macho and insensitive protector, or loves having a man around. She is human shaped with green skin (same as her kid brother, Enzo) and black hair.


[JPG: Enzo + Frisket]
Voice: Jesse Moss, Matthew Sinclair, Christopher Gray

Enzo hates being the little kid, but can't help acting like one. ("Can I go with you to Level 31, Bob? Can I, can I, can I, please.") He is human shaped with green skin and usually wears blue pants, a white shirt with the number 01 on it, and a baseball cap. He was spotlighted in "Enzo the Smart", and grows up in "Talent Night". (That's when his outfit changes to say 10 instead of 01.)

In Season III, Enzo is a lot bigger, goes by the name of Matrix, and has a big tattoo.

See the Glossary for info on Enzo's name.


[JPG: Frisket]
Voice: (growls a lot)

A red and yellow dog the size of a pony. His jaws are so strong that he can catch cannonballs in mid air, hold down an armored tank, and has a V8 with supercharger under the hood. He takes orders only from Enzo. The episode "In the Belly of the Beast" centers on Frisket.


[JPG: Phong]
Voice: Michael Donovan

Phong is the "ancient one" for the show; he knows everything. His body looks like something that came out of the Stanford AI Lab in the 1970's; primitive locomotion (single roller), rudimentary hands (three-pronged grabber). His gold head is bald on top and he wears a port-red tunic with Chinese dragons embroidered on it. Instead of the usual diamond icon, Phong has a Chinese Yin/Yang symbol. To obtain his wisdom, the seeker has to play him at is favorite game, Pong.

Mike the TV

[JPG: Mike]
Voice: Michael Donovan

Instead of a tv announcer, Mainframe has an announcer TV. Mike has all the bad qualities of an obnoxious announcer and won't shut up. (In fact, he is so unbearable that his remote ran away and now no one can shut him off. In one episode (Wizards...), Mike gets to prove that he is an asset to the community.

Cecil the Maitre'd

[JPG: Cecil]
Voice: Michael Donovan

Cecil typifies the snotty French waiter, and appears to have decended from the original Macintosh computer. His name may have derived from the server software "CSIL" (pronounced: See-Sil) at Simon Fraser University's Computer Sience undergraduate lab.


[JPG: AndrAIa]
Voice: Andrea Libman

AndrAIa is a game sprite that piggybacked her way into Mainframe using Enzo's icon in the episode titled "AndrAIa". She is the only person in Mainframe that is Enzo's age.


[JPG: Mouse]
Voice: Louise Vallance

Mouse is a human shaped character with lilac-colored skin, flaming red hair, a white shirt and black pants. She has intricate tattoos around her eyes and forehead and speaks with a pseudo-Texas drawl. She has a reputation of being able to sneak into and out of places without being noticed. On her finger she wears a ring with her Mouse signature. This ring appears to be as powerful as Bob's Guardian Tool. Her collectable trading card says "Mous is an adventurous, inter-modal anti-hero for hire."

She was mentioned in passing in "The Crimson Binome" and is the main character in "The Great Brain Robbery". Bob has tangled with her before; when she tried to hack into the Supercomputer while Bob was on duty. Her actions in "Gigabyte" did not make it clear whether she is a good guy or not. And in "Trust No One", she inadvertantly triggers the disaster known as "Web World War". No one but Bob trusts her, although she has become a "good guy" in the third season.

Binomes: Ones and Zeros

[JPG: Many Ones and Zeros]
Voice: various

Most of the inhabitants of Mainframe are Ones and Zeros.

Specific Binomes

[JPG: Captain Capacitor]

Other Data Sprites

Data Sprites are highly evolved energy forms like Bob, Dot, and Enzo. The keep the Mainframe functioning by operating services such as buses, shops and restaurants.
In "Medusa Bug", there are at least two other Data Sprites the same size and shape as Dot, but with different hair styles.

Rasta Mon

Voice: silent

Rasta Mon was seen at Al's place in "Quick and the Fed". He has no lines, so we don't know if he is for or against Bob and the gang. Rasta Mon has small purple shades, long dreadlocks (that have what appear to be knives or "control points" tied to the ends). He has a scarlet face that looks like a typical computer programmer.


Voice: silent

Stripe is another character seen in Al's Diner. She has orange, white and black strips on her shirt and hair. She also has no lines, but is listed by name in the collectable cards, along with Rasta Mon.

Hi-Res images in JPEG format

You can click on the outlined images above, or on the names below.
720 x 576  69K  Bob, Dot, Enzo, Frisket
610 x 720  50K  Bob's face
576 x 720  29K  Dot's face
720 x 540  33K  Enzo and Frisket running from HD
999 x 750  69K  Frisket in warehouse
720 x 540  32K  Phong in his game room
720 x 540  51K  Mike the TV
720 x 576  48K  Cecil in door of diner
720 x 540  65K  AndrAIa's claws
720 x 576  31K  Mouse, the female hacker
511 x 727  65K  Group of binomes

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