Saga Cell: Opening
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Opening Sequence

First Season, 1994-1995 Second Season, 1995-1996
(music starts)
Blue-green skyscrapers on round bases, floating above yellow mountains.
"I come from the Net. Systems, people, cities,"
Smash through shiny sphere to starburst pattern (mostly purple, blue, and yellow) with turquoise balls in concentric circles and flying octahedrons.
"to this place:"
Round city floating above blue-green sea. Silver and black industrial areas and a lot of greenbelt park areas.
Bob walking into the diner. Close-up on city.
"My format: Guardian."
Bob and Dot in warehouse facing brilliant light. Bob walking past Dot.
"To mend and defend."
Bob zaps light with swirling beam, several dodecahedrons stacked up.
Dot pressing buttons on numeric keypad.
An angry Bob, shaking with rage.
"To defend my new-found friends."
Close-up of Dot. Enzo and his dog Frisket, in front of Dot's Diner.
"Their hopes"
Close-up of Enzo spinning his cap. Enzo with a goofy grin, popping out of an armored tank.
"and dreams."
Dot leaning up against Bob. Momma Binome, Baby Binome, and Papa Binome, holding a "Bob" teddy-bear.
"To defend them"
Phong standing in front of pictures of Megabyte and his minions. Bob and Dot, looking pleased
Binome-one and binome-zero. Bob swinging on a rope, Dot with mouth open.
"their enemies."
Megabyte in front of a flaming breach in the interface. Close-up of Megabyte's mouth and teeth
(27 seconds of music until next voiceover)
Close-up of Megabyte.
Hack and Slash.
Hack and Slash riding Armored Binome Carriers in middle of auditorium.
Hexadecimal casting a spell. Bob. Dot in a dark printed-circuit suit.
(Created by: Gavin Blair, Phil Mitchell, John Grace, Ian Pearson.)
Outside of city. Mouse (woman with flaming orange hair and purple skin) displaying her fangs.
Hexadecimal striding forward ("Created by" still showing).
Hex's football-shaped pet, Scuzzy. Megabyte showing off his sharp claws.
Planet exploding with six fighter ships escaping. Dot, wearing a powered exoskeleton, towering over Megabyte.
Bob riding a dragon, dodging a fireball. Hexadecimal looking angry.
Large semi truck ("Boshbilt"). Driven by Dot with Enzo in uniform. Megabyte running from a Sega dinosaur.
Hexadecimal playing buddy to Bob. Enzo upgrading from 01 to 10.
Enzo knocking Bob over in diner (Calvin Spline sign in background). Bony creature coming out of a portal.
Landspeeders racing through cave. Bad Bob in biker leathers and beard.
Enzo flys zipboard into diner.
Enzo and Dot surprised.
Hovercraft racing through semicircular trench.
Something coming out of a flaming tear.
Frisket on top of a binome-one.
Megabyte catching a falling Dot. Frisket looking at a crazy bagpipe.
Dot, Enzo, and Bob in a confrontational pose.
(Executive Producer: Jay Firestone)
Megabyte being crushed by Dot.
(Executive Producers: Steve Barron, Stephane Reichel)
Background sky changing drastically.
(Executive Producer: Steve Barron)
Bob and Dot concerned as sky changes.
Purple cube with flashing white lightning descends on city.
"They say The User lives outside the Net"
Close-up on cube (Produced by: Christopher Brough)
"and inputs games for pleasure."
Close-up on Bob.
"No one knows for sure,"
Group shot.
"but I intend to find out."
Disc of green light comes down on each character.
Diamond logo: "R e B o o t".

To do: identify which episode each scene came from.

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