ReBoot Episode 24 (3_01)
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"To Mend and Defend"


Originally shown in the UK on 17-Jul-1997.

Title credits

Written by
Marv Wolfman
Story by
Gavin Blair, Phil Mitchell, Ian Pearson, Micheal Skorey
This is the first part of a four-part story: "To Mend And Defend"


After getting rid of Bob, Megabyte and Hexidecimal turn against their temporary allies and try to take over Mainframe.


The episode starts right where "Web World Wars" left off; the ABCs are shooting the CPUs out of the sky. Hex as recharged the big gun, and at MB's command, uses it against the Principal Office. Inside the War Room, Dot is shaken by the magnitude of their losses She commands the remaining nine CPU ships to take vector "niner seven zero one" to lure MB's Armored Binome Carriers into a trap.
[Production note: No longer constrained by the ABC Network, the animators have changed Dot's figure (and Mouse, too).]

Specky, the nerd binome, looks to Phong, but that ancient sprite turns over the responsibilities of COMMAND.COM over to Dot. The Mainframers reject Megabyte's demand for unconditional surrender.

A binome with John Wayne's voice guides the CPUs along heading 1138 down the skyscraper canyons. The ABCs oblige by lining up on either side, making them sitting ducks for the PO's guns. But the PO's shields remain down.

Megabyte figures he has won, but Hexidecimal wants to destroy the Principal Office, even though destroying its core would wipe out Hex and MB as well. Luckily her unauthorized shot is blocked when Mouse raises a partial wall.

After an emotional moment (Bob is really gone), Mouse and Dot switch into battle garb. They head out on Zip Boards, just in time to see the big gun being bisected by an incoming game, zapping Hex with excess energy. Enzo can't help but follow the Guardian protocols and races to the game with AndrAIa at his side. But the girl, being a game sprite, will leave when the game leaves, which is why Mouse holds her back.

The inside of the game cube is a foggy cemetary with interesting headstones. They're on the final level of Malicious Corpses, and they have to find the Manual of Mortality before dawn. The scenery includes a wooden truss bridge, a cabin in the woods, and a lantern-jawed man with a chainsaw in place of one hand saying "groovy". There is also a headstone with the inscription "Here Lies The MAINFRAME JOINT VENTURE, An Unholy Alliance".

Frisket reboots into a hell-hound, Enzo into the red suited zombie from Michael Jackson's "Thriller" music video, and Dot into a tall, very thin but extremely busty caricature of Elvira, Mistress of the Dark and/or Morticia Addams. (The black sheath dress has to be ripped before she can move.)

The binomes don't like taking orders from Enzo, saying that he's just a boy, not a real Guardian. (This sentiment is echoed outside the game cube by a female Sheriff in a TV interview.) When told that the zombies on the next level have flesh on their bones, Dot asks "what kind of sick creature gets enjoyment out of playing this sort of game?" (Dot and Enzo look straight into the camera after asking that question.)

Meanwhile, Herr Doktor and Frankenbinome pick up the scortched husk of Hexidecimal and strap her into a containment ring. Obviously they are going to rebuild her, better than before.

The User collects the last page from an evil tree, needing only The Book to win. Frisket tries to take down the User by brute force, but is stopped dead by a shotgun blast. Hiding in the cabin does't work, as the User comes through the wall with the chain saw. Enzo uses Michael Jackson's moves to use up the User's ammo. The piano wires stop the chain saw, Frisket crawls in to trip the User, and Enzo uses the tape from a Welman tape recorder to tie him up. They toss the User into the cellar, producing a swirling cloud, and a statement of "I'm dead before dawn". Game over.

Back in the Principal Office, the young Guardian is bowled over by an enthusiastic AndrAIa [something that happened a lot to the big Guardian in the first season]. Phong praises Mouse's abilities, then turns noticibly red when she returns the compliment. Enzo promises to locate Bob and bring him back home. Mouse breaks up the Photoshop Moment by bringing in Cecil (hanging from a Zip Board).

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