ReBoot Episode 25 (3_02)
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"Between a Raccoon and a Hard Place"


Originally shown in the UK on 24-Jul-1997.
This summary courtesy of Keith Lawler in the UK.

Title credits

Written by
Len Wein
Story by
Gavin Blair, Phil Mitchell, Ian Pearson
This is the second part of a four-part story: "To Mend And Defend"


Dot is stuck defending the Prinicipal office with Phong, while Megabytes Propaganda campaign is turning Mainframe binomes against Enzo. So it's time for Enzo to stand on his own as guardian for the first time and enter a game cube without the assistance of Dot, but with added assistance from AndrAIa. Together they battle the menace of 'Rocky' - the Rabid Raccoon.


The story opens on a poster of Enzo the Guardian crosseyed with the words Guardian Smardian painted across it. The camera moves through dark streets and sitting in the middle of a sector is a game cube with many binomes running in terror from it. It seems that neither Dot or Enzo made it to the cube in time, the sector is doomed, the camera turns towards the principal office.

Where Enzo is claiming that he tried to get to the game cube but Megabytes troops prevented it. Phong tells Dot and Enzo that Megabyte had done this once before and Bob had no way of preventing it either. 'Game over, the user wins'. Enzo screams.

Outside Mike the TV is reporting (looking more splendid with added reflections in his monitor) the disaster 'Where was our guardian when we needed him?... So many binomes nullified.' Then Hack and Slash appear and stop the reporting by grabbing the camera. It's voluntary censorship, or involuntary censorship as they refer to it.

Inside the PO, Dot (still dressed in last episodes warrior outfit) tells a couple of binomes to get to the pit where the sector has been destroyed, but mouse discovers that Megabyte is sending in a team of ABC's to take control of the area. There are not enough forces available to help.

At the sector some binomes are sifting through the rubble, picking up a blue cuddly teddy (featured in other episodes) from a pile of rocks. It's a Jean Luc Picard lookalike 1 binome. Surrounded by ABC's Megabytes vid window pops up claiming that as of now the sector is under his control and all the binomes must hand their PID's to him. The Jean Luc Binome claims '....We are tired of living in fear, the line must be drawn here.' Meagabyte tells an ABC carrier to delete him. His smoking boots are seen as Megabyte claims '...resistance is futile'. They all hand in their PID's as Megabyte laughs his evil laugh.

Elsewhere Cirrus is seen posting up the 'Guardian Smardian' Propaganda, to divide the binome population and conquer them. Phong has an idea to make Enzo a game hero, a hero to lead them out of the darkness. Dot says that Phong is suggesting that Enzo plays a game on his own, which he hasn't done before. Mouse tells Dot that she must stay in the PO while Mouse takes care of AndrAIa and Enzo in the games. Phong tells mouse that neither Mouse nor AndrAIa icons are formatted to enter games. Mouse uses a workstation to configure AndrAIa's icon which changes to a reboot symbol. She is not sure whether it will work or not. Now they are ready to enter a game.

Dot and Phong are formulating some form of plan to get Enzo to the game without being intercepted. Dot tells Phong that Megabyte will never be able to get to the supercomputer with Bob gone. Phong tells Dot 'Bob has effectively locked them in the cage with the tiger.'

Megabytes troops are ready for the next game. Megabyte tells them not to harm Enzo. Two of Megabytes binomes pick up a scanner trace of two sprites leaving the principal office. It's Dot and Enzo. They order the ABC's to close in as the game cube descends. As they reach Dot and Enzo it is revealed that Dot and Enzo are cardboard cutouts held up by binomes on zip boards. Suddenly the sky is filled with Dots and Enzos, and amoungst the scuffle, Enzo (as Dot) AndrAIa (as Enzo) and Mouse (as Dot) drop their disguises and head towards the game cube. AndrAIa fools Mouse into thinking that her zip board power is failing and in the process takes Mouse's board away, and follows Enzo into the cube. Leaving Mouse on the outside.

Inside the game cube, AndrAIa and Enzo are greeted by a hillbilly prospecter binome in a sort of Warner Bros. roadrunner/desert location. The binome recognises Enzo, and tells him he's only a kid.

Meanwhile Megabyte is retrieving his sister from the Docs, who have modified Hex. The modifications include a collar which allows Megabyte to control Hex whenever he wants, and proves it by activating the collar and making Hex fall to her knees when she wishes to walk away.

AndrAIa tells the binome that Enzo has Bobs keytool (which is broken) which can tell them the game status. The binome tells Enzo to use his eyes, and to turn around to look at a blazing sign which says, 'Rocky' 'The Rabid Raccoon' It's Reboot time, AndrAIa becomes a biker babe, while poor Enzo ends up looking just like Elmer Fudd, with speech impediment, 'Alwight I'm a Guardian, Am I?' Out from a distance comes a mad looking raccoon who bounces around the desert from rocks to cacti. Pulls a face, spots AndrAIa and proceeds to kiss her. He dissappears off into the distance, he's too fast, exclaims AndrAIa, Enzo tells her to be 'Vewy Vewy Quiet, we're hunting Waccoons.' He fires and through a convoluted manner rebounds off objects, drains petrol pumps and eventually explodes a box of fireworks, which fires into the sky, hitting a passing bird, turning it into a roasted bird which falls onto the head of Rocky, who is then run over by a train which appears from nowhere from nowhere. Very Tex Avery style. One life gone.

Mouse explains to Dot that AndrAIa stole her zip board. Phong says that AndrAIa would never harm anyone because she loves Enzo. Dot says she's running out of plans.

Enzo, AndrAIa and the Hillbilly binome head on a motorcycle down the desert highway. With Rocky in pursuit, he steals the bike causing the bunch to fall. Rocky heads for a missile silo, fires the missile and heads to level two through the silo hole. The missile heads skywards then heads back. Enzo claims that they need to head from the level, before they get blown up. They look over the edge of the level to levels below and jump into a tree, where they are greeted by a couple of binomes straight out of American Gothic. AndrAIa knocked out the hillbilly binome before heading down, and whilst he is lying on the ground the female binome tells Enzo, 'You're not like Bob are ya, When Bob rescues you to stay conscious for sure.'

Meanwhile Rocky is hitting moles over the head with a large hammer as they pop out of holes. 'Frustrating ain't it?' He heads down to a bonus level to get a life point.

Down in the bonus level they are trying to get the life point coin before the raccoon, above their heads a manhole cover opens and a hose is dropped by AndrAIa. They grab a hold and are pulled upwards leaving Rocky to be beaten up by a bunch of skeleton binomes. The manhole cover has the 'KS CJ' on the lid. One down, one life to go. [In the background, the skyline of Toronto is visible; particularly the CN tower.]

In what looks like a subway Rocky, needs some food because he's low on energy. He sees a Rasta binome singing and playing the guitar. Behind him is a food machine with 'Java' written on it. He sings a song about a raccoon and needing a raccoon hat and produces a rather large machete, which frightens Rocky, who runs for it, to another machine. 'Mashed Potatoes' he shakes the machine, no luck. Behind him a binome in a long coat appears standing by a machine with 'Cup of Pork' written on it. He opens his jacket, Rocky reacts, and something falls out of his coat and hits the floor, unseen by the viewer, Rocky reacts to this and runs off into the street above. He is guided by the binomes into a back alley, where he sticks in some black tar. Enzo and AndrAIa appear driving a road roller and flatten Rocky. Game Over.

Out of the game Enzo is suurounded by the binomes involved in the game, but can't immediately see AndrAIa fearing that her icon has kept her in the game, but luckily she is behind him. Above their heads a team of ABC's have appeared, Enzo faces them and they fly away. Behind Enzo is a large team of CPU carriers, which reveal themselves to be binomes with cardboard carriers standing on zip boards. Enzo tells the crowds, 'Megabyte will be vewy, vewy angry.'

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