ReBoot Episode 39 (3_16)
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"End Prog"


Title credits

Written by
Ken Pontac
Story by
Gavin Blair, Dan DiDio, Phil Mitchell, Ian Pearson, Len Wein, Marv Wolfman

This is the fourth part of a four-part story: "The Viral Wars"


Mainframe is doomed. Bob convinces Enzo to let a Game Cube finish off the city with the hope that The User will do the right thing. The episode ends with a jolly recap.


Although the devastation has been halted, the city of Mainframe is in sad shape. Binomes are breaking out cya-lumes for light, the lines at the PortaPotties are too long. The sectors cannot be repaired without power, but turning on power will take them offline.

Bob knows of one solution, but it would have to be the last resort. A game cube. Losing a game could push Mainframe over the edge, leading to a crash. Matrix doesn't want to risk it, but Bob argues that a crash could force a restart. While they are discussing this, a came cube lands, with no heroes inside to defeat it.

Phong suddenly springs to action at the keyboard, stating that they don't have much time. Dot agrees - every single PID in the system has to be accounted for. After much furious activity, he announces that all active PIDs have been scanned.

The Surfer does some low-key flirting with Mouse, who indicates that she plans to stick around. He agrees that "right here" is a good place to be.

Hex's face, then body, appears. She likes surprises. She has brought biscuits (gingerbread cookies in the shape of Herr Doktor and the frankenbinome). She seems very friendly. Bob convinces Phong to give Hexadecimal a icon. He does not believe that he is going along with this - assigning a PID to the former virus, but he does.

The game cube leaves, the sky turns black. "Warning, system crash". The remaining buildings fall down, pipes burst, total damage. The pirates decide it's time for one last drink (even the accountant, Mr. Christopher, agrees). Hack and Slash are falling to pieces, Floating Point Park tumbles to the sea. Mr. Mitchell and the bathing beauties from his yacht join with Old Man Pierson and partake in the pirate feast of doughnuts. Algernon Cholmondley-Worthington III ("Sir") and Binky Ffarquarson raise a toast with the pirate Miss Sally. When the towers of Wall Street sink into the ocean, Specky takes comfort in being near the towering hulk of Princess Bula. Mouse gets impatient with the Surfer, and brings him into a dip (long, slow kiss). The big "D" from "Dot's Diner" goes down. The voice intoning "Warning, system crash" becomes warbly and even the obnoxious klaxon fades out. The last thing we see is Bob and Dot gazing meaningfully at each other.




With a bang and a whir (the sound of heavy machinery starting up) the lights come back up. "Warning, incoming data!" Fireworks appear in the sky. A bright yellow/orange virtual Principal Office comes down and overlays the damaged one. The Central Archives look like they've been freshly painted, the PO dome is white again, and the circumferential park has a fresh lawn. The six individual sectors start coming down. [Note: a scene very much like this was shown in ABC's Saturday Morning Preview 8-Sep-95.] Kits Sector, Baudway, G Prime, Wall Street, Beverly Hills, Floating Point Park.

The sea comes in from all sides, bursts up through the center of the Principal Office like a fountain, and paints pretty colors in the sky. The transparent golden outline of buildings solidify: The financial institutions on Wall Street, the highway and main skyscraper in Baudway, Bob's apartment (with the 8-ball) in Kits Sector, Megabyte's Silicon Tor in G Prime, the blue sky, and the marble ball above the Principal Office. Bits resume flowing on the ariel tramway, lights go on in buildings throughout the city, including the sign above Dot's Diner. VidWindow billboards pop up in Baudway, the city is complete.

"Thank the User," exclaims Phong. The Jean Luc Binome is restored, as are several deleted viral binomes. Everyone who had fallen into the sea is back. Then the viral binomes are restored to their original form (most had been policemen in the CPU forces). "Great Norton's Ghost!" exclaims one. The rest of Megabyte's handiwork is eliminated when the Silicon Tor disappears.

There is no sign of Hex's former lair - Lost Angles was not restored. The purifying fire plays over Hexadecimal's body, but she does not disappear. Instead, she merely says "ooh, that tickled" in Mae West's sultry voice.

The girl who had been holding a Bob teddy bear finds her father. Princess Bula tosses Specky up, playfully. Mouse and the Surfer are still kissing. Matrix twirls AndrAIa, and Bob and Dot finally get their chance to kiss. (The traditional foot-up pose is captured by Phong taking snapshots.)

Bob promises to never leave again, but this moment of seriousness is shattered by young Enzo racing out. The kid, back in the 01 outfit, flattens Bob and starts talking a mile a minute. Everyone looks at Matrix, who still has his icon in game-sprite mode. It had not been scanned with the other active PIDs. Enzo gets the last line of the episode; he looks at Matrix and asks "Who's the big ugly green guy?"

Directed by: Andrew Duncan

Starring the Voices of:
Sharon Alexander: AndrAIa
Kathleen Barr: Dot
Long John Baldry: Captain Capacitor
Gary Chalk: Slash
Ian James Corlett: Bob
Paul Dobson: Enzo Matrix
Michael Donovan: various characters (including Mike the TV)
Donal Gibson: Ray Tracer
Christopher Gray: Enzo
Scott McNeil: various characters (including Hack)
Shirley Milliner: Hexadecimal
Louise Vallance: Mouse

Casting by BLT Productions Ltd.

Mike the Tv: For those viewers out there who missed ReBoot Season III and have no idea what's going on, we present, for your appreciation, (this cycle only), the marvelous, magnificent, Mainframe Strolling Players.


Cut to the interior of a large theatre. There are more than 1000 binomes in attendance. The orchestra is warming up; the conductor has wild scraggly hair. The players who did the "True Stories of Mainframe" in "AndrAIa" are doing a recap of all of Season III.

The remaining six minutes of the show are words sung to the tune of Gilbert and Sullivan's "I am the very model of a modern major-general". [See also the G&S Parody Archive.]
[Lyrics transcribed by Mike Shumko, who has a collection of audio clips.]

"ReBoot Recap Song" performed by the Mainframe Strolling Players

[Binome playing Dot from start of season]
The Web invaded Mainframe
Sprite and virus battled side by side.
Attempting to reclaim the city
From the rift which opened wide.
But Megabyte betrayed Bob and
He threw him deep inside the pit.
The pit was closed
and Bob was hosed
and all that he could say was ...
[Binome playing Bob]
[Binome playing Mouse]
Without Bob to protect us
we thought we would
have no barrier,
From he who would infect us,
except Enzo, which was scarier.
[Binome playing Dot]
The city shivered terrified
from fear of the Infector's touch.
[Binome playing young Enzo as guardian]
I guess your fear was verified,
I wasn't a protector much.
I guess our fear was verified,
he wasn't a protector much.
I guess our fear was verified,
he wasn't a protector much.
I guess our fear was verified,
he wasn't a protector-ector much.
[Binome playing Mouse]
It wasn't Enzo's fault at first,
he only was a little Sprite.
[Binome playing Phong]
At best he was the worst but then
he slowly learned to do it right.
[Binome playing Dot from mid-season]
And just as he was getting skilled
a Game came down he couldn't win.
I thought for sure
they'd both been killed,
first Bob, then Enzo. Not again!
And just as he was getting skilled,
a Game came down he couldn't win.
She thought for sure
they'd both been killed
first Bob, then Enzo. Not again!
[Binome playing grown-up Enzo Matrix]
I went from Game to Game,
I aged, I grew and lost my innocence.
I soon became enraged by each
and every bad experience.
The Sprite you knew was gone,
I had become a grim aggressor man.
I knew from that point on
that I was truly Bob's successor man.
The Sprite we knew was gone,
he had become a grim aggressor man.
He knew from that point on
that he was truly Bob's successor man.
[Bob in web costume]
I met up with the Webriders
and took the form of Interface.
[Binome playing Matrix]
I joined my gun with pirate swords
and sailed the seas of cyberspace.
[Binomes as Matrix and Bob]
And when at last the pair of us
were finally reunited guys,
Our shouts of joy did blare because
we really were delighted guys.
[Binome as Bob]
We soon made tracks to Mainframe
so our friends could reunite with us.
We made it back and Megabyte
was waiting there to fight with us.
[Binome as Matrix]
When Bob went face to face
to face to face with Hexadecimal.
His chances for survival shrank
from small to infinitesimal.
His chances for survival shrank
from small to infinitesimal.
His chances for survival shrank
from small to infinitesimal.
His chances for survival shrank
from small to infinitesi-esimal.
[Binome playing Hex]
Bob helped to de-fragment my head,
while Matrix fought with Megabyte.
I thought he'd wind up dead,
but Matrix put up a terrific fight.
[Binome playing Matrix]
I'd dreamed of this each lonely night,
of doing in that virus trash.
But just as I had won the fight,
he engineered a system crash!
You dreamed of this each lonely night,
of doing in that virus trash.
But just as you had won the fight,
he engineered a system crash!
[Binome playing Bob]
What Megabyte had hoped to do
was cause his death to crack us up.
I gambled on the User to reboot
and thereby back us up.
It worked! We all were born anew
and rid of things barbaric.
Now we're back together,
everything is Alphanumeric!
It worked! We all were born anew
and rid of things barbaric.
Now we're back together,
everything is Alphanumeric!
Now we're back together,

End Credits


Did You Notice

(See also the quotes for episode 344)

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