Chez INWAP Computers

The house LAN

Wintel box 2 UNIX boxes
We have three hubs for twisted-pair ethernet. At one end of the house are the O'Halloran computers, and the second ethernet on John's Win95 PC is connected to the cable modem. The other end of the house has the Smith computers, connected to his work LAN via PPP. Out in the garage are several off-line computers.

Cable Modem

John's Pentium has two ethernet cards: one is connected to the house LAN, the other is connected to the cable modem.

We use the Sambar proxy server on to allow the other computers in the house to access web sites at cable modem speeds (in excess of 500 Kbits per second). The sambar server on our home computer is also used to keep from hitting its limit of 200 megabytes per day.

Off-line computers

These live out in the garage, and have not been powered on for many years.
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