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Pentium 486slc-33 PC

John makes a living in product support for software that runs on Intel based machines.

486DX2-50 PC

Joe originally writes:
True love: computer geek buys computer for his significant other, and she ends up with a better computer than he has.
John responds:
It started simply enough, Chris strongly hinted that she wanted a specfic program for Christmas. After I had purchased it, I discovered it required Windows and at least a 386 to run, her machine was a 286-8. So I went and got her a replacement motherboard, getting a good deal non a 486DX-50. After I got it home, I discovered that it wouldn't fit in the old chassis. So I went out and got a mini-tower case. As I was building the system, I found her old 40 meg HD couldn't hold her old programs, Windows and the new program. So I went out and got her a 200 meg SCSI drive.

486 Chris' new system:

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