Smith's Computers
2 UNIX boxes The SPARCclassic is at the left, vertical on top of the brown file cabinet. The SPARCstation-5 is on the right. The SS5 is Joe's work machine, it caused the SPARCstation-SLC to be banished to the closet.

Sun SPARCstation-Classic

This is our internet gateway. It has:

Sun SPARCstation-SLC

Amiga and printer The Amiga 3000 is at left, the laser printer at right. The Amiga 1200 is kept in the closet until it is time to put a custom leader at the beginning of Joe's Babylon-5 tapes.


Joe's first color computer was an Amiga-2000. He became Certified Developer, then got a discount when purchasing the Amiga-3000 from Commodore Amiga Technical Support (CATS). He is still hoping that the Amiga technology will be available after Commodore's bankrupcy sale is finally settled.

The A3000 has:


This was purchased for Sally for the production of Rocky and Bullwinkle at the Ohlone College. At least, that was Joe's original justification for it. But he really wanted the pretty colors.

Other computers

See also John's computers and our list of old junk.
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