Frequently Asked Questions, 1997
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This is the FAQ in English for 1997. See also

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What TV stations are showing ReBoot?

In Canada, both YTV and Showcase are showing reruns of the first and second seasons. Only YTV has the rights to show Season III in Canada.

ReBoot Season III started August 1997 in Canada. The Brits got to see it first when Meridien/ITV showed the first six episodes in the UK during July and August.

When will ReBoot be shown in the US?

ReBoot will be on the Cartoon Network starting January 1999. Please watch this space for further announcments.

What happened to Bob's voice?

Michael Benyaer, the voice actor who did Bob for the first two seasons, is no longer working in Vancouver. He lives in LA now.

Will there be a fourth season?

There will not be a fourth season. However, Mainframe Entertainment Inc. announced that they are creating two made-for-TV movies. The movies will answer the plot points raised during Season III.

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