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When does the third season start?

In Canada, both YTV and Showcase are showing reruns of the first and second seasons. Only YTV has the rights to show Season III in Canada.

ReBoot Season III started August 1997 in Canada and July 1997 in the UK. It probably won't show up in the United States until September 1998. As of December 1997, no US network has committed to carrying ReBoot Season III.

What is ReBoot?

ReBoot is more than a cartoon show, it is more than computer animation. ReBoot is the first television series that is 100% CGI (Computer Generated Imagery. It is created in Vancouver, Canada, by Mainframe Entertainment Inc, also known as BLT Productions.

How long has it been on?

ReBoot started in September if 1994. Its second year was the 1995-1996 season and ended on a cliff-hanger finale. The 1996-1997 television season consisted of reruns from the first two years. Season III will have 16 new stories for the 1997-1998 TV season.

Where can ReBoot be seen?

In Canada, ReBoot is shown three times a week on YTV (a cable network roughly equivalent to Nickelodeon). It is distributed internationally by Alliance. In the US, ABC carried the first two seasons of ReBoot as part of its Saturday Morning line-up. The third season of ReBoot (1996-1997) will carried by various independent TV stations in the US.

How many episodes are there?

The first and second seasons combined are 23 episodes. They were divied up as 13 + 10 in the Canadian market, and 10 + 13 in the United States. Production for the third season starts in late in 1996, for episodes to be shown in the second half of 1997.

Is ReBoot available on home video?

As of March 1996, four episodes are available from Polygram Home Video in North America (NTSC format).
  1. Medusa Bug, Polygram Video "800 635 885-3"
  2. Wizards, Warriors, and a Word From Our Sponsor, Polygram Video "800 635 883-3"
  3. The Great Brain Robbery, Polygram Video "800 636 869-3"
  4. Talent Night, Polygram Video "800 636 871-3"
These videos have been spotted in almost all the larger video stores. Suncoast Video, Tower Video, Sam Goody's, Target, Hollywood Video, etc.

Check the Children's section, Cartoons section, or Japanimation section.

All four videos were available by mail order from American CyberSuperStores, but not anymore.

A different set of episodes is available in the UK (PAL format) with two stories per tape.

  1. Volume 1: The Tearing / Racing the Clock - Polygram Video 6346263
  2. Volume 2: The Quick and the Fed / Medusa Bug - Polygram Video 6346283

When will we know what happened to Bob?

For many viewers in the UK, the first episode they saw was "Web World Wars". This is most unfortunate, since that story is the season finale with the cliff-hanger ending. We won't know what happens to Bob until sometime in the third season, which starts in third quarter 1997.

On-line info

Where is the FAQ?

This document of Frequently Asked Questions is stored in two forms:

What do those computer terms really mean?

Most of the character names and place names are puns based on computer jargon. The Glossary at the Unofficial ReBoot Home Page has both the straight definitions and the funny definitions, with ReBoot's usage marked with an asterisk.

Is there an episode guide?

Short answer:
	01 "The Tearing"
	02 "Racing the Clock"
	03 "Quick and the Fed"
	04 "Medusa Bug"
	05 "The TIFF"
	06 "In the Belly of the Beast"
	07 "The Crimson Binome"
	08 "Enzo the Smart"
	09 "Wizards, Warriors, and a Word from our Sponsor"
	10 "The Great Brain Robbery"
	11 "Talent Night"
	12 "Identity Crisis, part 1"
	13 "Identity Crisis, part 2"
	14 "Infected"
	15 "High Code"
	16 "When Games Collide"
	17 "Bad Bob"
	18 "Painted Windows"
	19 "andrAIa"
	20 "Nullzilla"
	21 "Gigabyte"
	22 "Trust No One"
	23 "Web World Wars"

Where is ReBoot on the World Wide Web?

ReBoot is discussed in several USENET newsgroups:,, rec.arts.animation, and alt.cartoon.reboot.


Are they creating ReBoot on an Amiga or other consumer machine?

They use Silicon Graphics workstations:

Who did the visual design for ReBoot?

Much of the visual design of the show was done by Brendan McCarthy. Brendan is a well-known comic book artist who has a very...uh, fertile...imagination. For a sample of his work, check out the Brendan McCarthy's Z-Men mentioned on the Production page at

How long does it take to create an episode?

The process of writing a script takes about four weeks. (All of next seaon's episodes have already been written.) It takes six weeks to produce an episode. They have several stories being produced in parallel, each with a different director overseeing 8 to 11 animators. The programming group is 11 people, and there are 100 people doing design, modeling, and animation.

What is the history of computer graphics?

Disney has an excerpt of computer history on their "Toy Story" site. Some ReBoot stories make references to John Lasseter, Toy Story's producer. His entry in computer history is in

The Characters

Who are the main characters?

Who are the minor characters

Who are the extra characters?

Other inhabitants of Mainframe - most of these don't have any lines of dialog.

Does Bob have a last name?

Nope. The name Bob did not come from a file format used on the old Bosch FGS animation system that was popular in the 80's. The true answer is:
Bob was named after a character the Rowan Atkinson's Blackadder series. The producers liked the way Atkinson said "Bob". Sounded like kind of a cross between "Bobe" and "Bub". (The Blackadder Bob, BTW, was a woman disguised as a man. No reflection on our hero's manhood, however.)

How would you describe the color of Bob's hair?

That's what pure silicon looks like before it is grown into a crystal to make computer chips. It is both shiny and dark gray at the same time. It fractures like a large chunk of glass or obsidian.

What is the meaning of Dot's name?

The term "dot matrix" describes a type of computer printer.

What does "Enzo" mean?

The current speculation is that it came from the condition code bits on a 8080 microcomputer - Even_Parity, Negative, Zero, Overflow.
Answer from people who work for the show:
Not bad, not bad...but not true, either. Fact is, the name Enzo has no hidden meaning - the character was a late addition to the show, and when it came time to choose a name, somebody suggested Enzo and it stuck. I think I like your explanation better...
Yet another bogus retronym comes from Byte magazine, April 1990:
U.S. Sage (Longwood, FL) has developed a chip that incorporates most Ethernet hardware functions. The company hopes that PC makers will user the Ethernet Needing Zero Overhead (ENZO) chips on their motherboards.
And in Italy, Enzo is a nicname for Vincenzo.

What is Megabyte's pet worm?

MB's worm is Nibbles, a Null. There's actually a story behind Nibbles, which is hinted at in Nullzilla".

Is the wise man named Pong or Phong?

Phong, and his favorite game is Pong. Both became big names in computer graphics in the early 1970's. Pong, created by Atari, was the first successful coin-operated video game. Mathematician Phong Bui-Tuong described a better method for shading polygons in the CACM in June 1975. His method produces more realistic images than Gourand shading.

Why are Bob, Dot, and Enzo so different from the others?

The following came fromk the glossary in Details section of the Alliance press kit.

What's the deal with the penguin?

It's a tribute to animator Nick Park's award-winning 1993 Claymation short, The Wrong Trousers. What you are seeing is the jewel thief Feathers McGraw (without his clever chicken disguise). A box with eye holes was also in that film.

Note: The penguin in "Identity Crisis" (created in 1994) is definitely a reference to Feathers McGraw (created in 1993) and not Tux, the Linux mascot (which did not show up until 1996).

The penguin is seen in "Identity Crisis", "Trust No One", and "Web World Wars". It also showed up in "Return of the Crimson Binome" and "Web Riders on the Storm".

Guest Stars

Who did the voice of Captain Capacitor?

Long John Baldry. A blues singer from the days before Elton John.

Who did the voice of Gigabyte?

The deep Darth-Vader-ish voice came from Blu Mankuma. He plays the large black police captain on Forever Knight, the Jamaican Quick Strike on G.I.Joe Extreme and the white tiger on Beast Wars.

Who did the voice of Data Nully?

In "Trust No One", the voice of Data Nully was performed by Gillian Anderson (who plays Dana Scully in The X-Files.

What about Fax Modem?

Scott McNeil (Hack) did the voice.


Can I have my ReBoot story made into an episode?

Not unless you 1) have an agent and 2) have proven yourself by writing to spec a screenplay on a subject other than ReBoot. Due to legal ramifications, producers will not accept unsolicited manuscripts. That's the way showbiz is.

Why do the end credits say "copyright 1991"?

Why do newer credits say "copyright 1993"?
The pencil drawings that were the original character design work for ReBoot were copyrighted in 1991. Production on the first episodes started in April 1993. (These first episodes hit the airwaves 18 months later.)

What is the translation of the binome joke in "Talent Night"?

Assuming A=1, B=10, C=11...Z=11010, Johnny O'Binome says:
	10100 1 1011 101   1101 11001   10111 1001 110 101
	  T   A   K   E      M    Y       W     I   F   E
	10000 1100 101 1 10011 101.       0.
	  P     L   E  A   S    E        Oh!

What does "BFG" stand for in "Talent Night"?

When Megabyte is playing the guitar, Bob commands Glitch for a B.F.G. It's a reference to the DOOM game on the IBM-PC. There, BFG stands for Big Ferocious Gun. Here BFG stands for Big Fancy Guitar.

What units of time are used in Mainframe?

They say nanosecond where we would say minute; their microsecond is our hour, their second is our day, and a minute a month.

What does B.S.'n'P. stand for?

It refers to the Broadcast Standards and Practices department at ABC. It is mentioned in several episodes as an in-joke.

Why are the US episodes censored?

Canadians have mentioned scenes that were cut out of the US broadcast. The ABC Broadcast Standards & Practices (BS&P) department regularly ask the production company to change scenes or sound effects because they're perceived as being too violent. Several scenes were cut from the U.S. version of "Web World Wars".

Will we ever get to see Al himself?

Nope. Al is heard but not seen. (We know he has the general shape of a One when Sgt. Smiley had him completely covered with rope in "The Great Brain Robbery". Likewise, the real name of "Al's Waiter" will never be revealed.

Has ReBoot won any awards?

It won the "Gemini Award" (the Canadian equivalent of the Emmy Award) for best animated show two years in a row. On 3-Mar-96 it also won a Gemini for outstanding technical merit.

Have the people who work on ReBoot won any awards?

Yes, they are listed in the Alliance Press Release pages.

What is the significance of the "JL Senior" statue?

In 1986, John Lasseter created a short computer-animated film titled "Luxo Jr." It won awards at SIG-GRAPH, and was nominated for an Academy Award. JL did outstanding work in breathing life into the two main characters; a large Luxo lamp and a smaller one (father and son). The character's emotions was expressed in "body language".

Near Phong's Read-Only Room, the marble statue with the inscription "JL Senior" is an homage to Lasseter's work. (JL later on produced the hit movie "Toy Story".) See also the history of computer generated images.

What is the name of the armored troop carriers MB uses?

Those armored personell carriers are called are Armored Binome Carriers (ABC, not to be confused with the American Broadcasting Company.)

Unanswered Questions

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