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Canadian schedule, New episodes

E-mail from YTV (September, 2001):
You will be happy to know that ReBoot is back in our schedule!

Starting August 7th at 7:30pm E/P we started with episode #1 of the
first season and we'll air the episodes from Season One to Three in
order.  Our Fall schedule launched on Sept.10th.  ReBoot now airs
Wednesday at 7pm E/P and 7:30pm E/P.  The ReBoot Movies are scheduled
for November.  Dameon Rising will air on Nov.18th from 4-6pm E/P and My
Two Bob's will air the following week, Nov.25th from 4-6pm E/P.

Please note that all schedules are subject to change without notice and
we advise that you visit our YTV Guide at close to these
dates to verify!  At this time we do not know when or if the episodes
will re-air after the movie.  Once the movie is aired we suggest that
you check back with us as by then we should have more information to
provide you with.

In the meantime, we suggest you check out Mainframe's awesome website
for any 'Reboot' updates:

Thanks for watching and remember to keep it weird!

YTV Viewer Relations Department

The 1997-1998 season started August 16th.

The schedule for the first six episodes of Season III were:
New show at 7:30pm Wednesday, repeated at 7:30pm Sunday.
Revised schedule as of 1-Oct-97:
New show at 7:30pm Wednesday, repeated at 1:30pm Saturday.
Holiday schedule:
First showing at 7:30pm Wednesday, repeat at 11:00am Saturday.
1998 schedule:
First showing at 11:00am Saturday, repeat at 7:30pm Wednesday.

YTV's schedule for this week

 Wed   Sun  1997
7:30p 7:30p
08/20 08/24 24 To Mend and Defend (v3.1.1)
08/27 08/31 25 Between a Raccoon and a Hard Place (v3.1.2)
09/03 09/07 26 Firewall (v3.1.3)
09/10 09/14 27 Game Over (v3.1.4)
09/17 09/21 28 Icons (v3.2.1)
09/24 09/28 29 Where No Sprite Has Gone Before (v3.2.2)

  New schedule (the repeat is on Saturday instead of on Sunday).
 Wed   Sat  1997
7:30p 1:30p
10/01 10/04 30 Number 7 (v3.2.3)
10/08 10/11 31 The Episode With No Name (v3.2.4)
10/15 10/18 32 The Return of the Crimson Binome (v3.3.1)
10/22 10/25 33 The Edge of Beyond (v3.3.2)
10/29 11/01 34 Webriders on the Storm (v3.3.3)
11/05 11/08 35 Mousetrap (v3.3.4)
 Wed   Sat  1997   Reruns during the holiday season
7:30p 11:00a (note the time change for the Saturday rerun - 11:00am)
11/12 11/15 24 To Mend and Defend (v3.1.1)
11/19 11/22 25 Between a Raccoon and a Hard Place (v3.1.2)
11/26 11/29 26 Firewall (v3.1.3)
12/03 12/06 27 Game Over (v3.1.4)
  The Wednesday ReBoot was pre-empted by various holiday specials.
--/-- 12/13 07 The Crimson Binome
--/-- 12/20 08 Enzo the Smart
--/-- 12/27 19 AndrAIa
 Sat   Wed  January 1998
11:00a 7:30p    New episode on Saturday; repeat on Wednesday
01/03  01/07 36 Megaframe (v3.4.1)
01/10  01/14 37 Showdown (v3.4.2)
01/17  01/21 38 System Crash (v3.4.3)
01/24  01/28 39 EndProg (v3.4.4)
  Many eastern Canadians were without power in early January.
  YTV is rerunning the last four episodes again.
02/06 Fri  7:30pm 36 Megaframe (v3.4.1)
02/11 Wed  8:30pm 01 The Tearing
02/13 Fri  7:30pm 37 Showdown (v3.4.2)
02/18 Wed  8:30pm 02 Racing the Clock
02/20 Fri  7:30pm 38 System Crash (v3.4.3)
02/25 Wed  8:30pm 03 Quick and the Fed
02/27 Fri  7:30pm 39 EndProg (v3.4.4)
03/06 Wed  8:30pm 04 Medusa Bug

 Sat   Wed  1998
11:00a 7:30p    Newer episode on Saturday; repeat on Wednesday
02/28  03/04 24 To Mend and Defend (v3.1.1)
03/07  03/11 25 Between a Raccoon and a Hard Place (v3.1.2)
03/14  03/18 26 Firewall (v3.1.3)
03/21  03/25 27 Game Over (v3.1.4)
03/28  04/01 28 Icons (v3.2.1)
04/04  04/08 29 Where No Sprite Has Gone Before (v3.2.2)
04/11  04/15 30 Number 7 (v3.2.3)
04/18  04/22 31 The Episode With No Name (v3.2.4)
04/25  04/29 32 The Return of the Crimson Binome (v3.3.1)
05/02  05/06 33 The Edge of Beyond (v3.3.2)
05/09  05/13 34 Webriders on the Storm (v3.3.3)
05/16  05/20 35 Mousetrap (v3.3.4)
05/23  05/27 36 Megaframe (v3.4.1)
05/30  06/03 37 Showdown (v3.4.2)
06/06  06/10 38 System Crash (v3.4.3)
06/13  06/17 39 EndProg (v3.4.4)

Older episodes

First season (1994-1995)

17-Sep-94  01 The Tearing
24-Sep-94  02 Racing the Clock
01-Sep-94  03 Quick and the Fed
08-Oct-94  04 Medusa Bug
  Due to production delays, the fifth episode of ReBoot was not complete when
  the fourth episode ("The Medusa Bug") was ready to air (8-Oct-94 on ABC).
  As a result, a special ending was tacked on to "The Medusa Bug", this one
  had a tree in the park turning to stone and the Mainframers lamenting
  "Oh, no.  Not again!"  For the next six weeks (15-Oct-94 to 19-Nov-94),
  short teaser clips were shown instead of ReBoot.
  -   -    XX Promo spots
26-Nov-94  05 The TIFF
03-Dec-94  06 In the Belly of the Beast
10-Dec-94  07 The Crimson Binome
17-Dec-94  08 Enzo the Smart
24-Dec-94  09 Wizards, Warriors, and a Word from our Sponsor
31-Dec-94  10 The Great Brain Robbery
07-Jan-95  11 Talent Night
14-Jan-95  12 Identity Crisis, part 1
21-Jan-95  13 Identity Crisis, part 2

Second season (1995-1996)

Thu 8:00p Sun noon  Mon 7:30p (1995 schedule)
31-Aug-95 03-Sep-95 04-Sep-95 Infected                 NEW #14
07-Sep-95 17-Sep-95 11-Sep-95 High Code                NEW #15
          ^v^v^v^v^    (WGC was swapped in due to a problem with HC)
14-Sep-95 10-Sep-95 18-Sep-95 When Games Collide       NEW #16
21-Sep-95 24-Sep-95 25-Sep-95 Bad Bob                  NEW #17
28-Sep-95 01-Oct-95 02-Oct-95 Identity Crisis, part 1
05-Oct-95 08-Oct-95 09-Oct-95 Identity Crisis, part 2
12-Oct-95 15-Oct-95 16-Oct-95 Infected
19-Oct-95 22-Oct-95 23-Oct-95 High Code
26-Oct-95 29-Oct-95 30-Oct-95 When Games Collide
02-Nov-95 05-Nov-95 06-Nov-95 Painted Windows          NEW #18
09-Nov-95 12-Nov-95 13-Nov-95 andrAIa                  NEW #19
16-Nov-95 19-Nov-95 20-Nov-95 Bad Bob
23-Nov-95 26-Nov-95 27-Nov-95 The Crimson Binome
30-Nov-95 03-Dec-95 04-Dec-95 Enzo the Smart
07-Dec-95 10-Dec-95 11-Dec-95 Wizards, Warriors, and a Word from our Sponsor
14-Dec-95 17-Dec-95 --------- The Great Brain Robbery
21-Dec-95 24-Dec-95 25-Dec-95 prempted due to Christmas schedule
27-Dec-95 Wednesday at 9:00am Infected                 different day
27-Dec-95 Wednesday at 8:30pm Nullzilla                NEW #20 diff day
27-Dec-95 Wednesday at 9:00pm Gigabyte                 NEW #21 diff day
28-Dec-95 31-Dec-95 01-Jan-96 Talent Night
29-Dec-95 Friday   at 10:00am High Code                different day

Thu 8:00p Sun noon  Mon 7:30p (1996 schedule)
03-Jan-96 Wednesday at 10:00am When Games Collide      different day
03-Jan-96 Wednesday at  9:30pm Identity Crisis, part 1 different day
03-Jan-96 Wednesday at 10:00pm Identity Crisis, part 2 different day
05-Jan-96 Friday    at 10:00am Bad Bob                 different day
04-Jan-96 07-Jan-96 08-Jan-96  Nullzilla               (part 1 of 4)
11-Jan-96 14-Jan-96 15-Jan-96  Gigabyte                (part 2 of 4)
18-Jan-96 21-Jan-96 22-Jan-96  Painted Windows
25-Jan-96 28-Jan-96 29-Jan-96  Trust No One (X-files)  NEW #22 (part 3 of 4)
01-Feb-96 04-Feb-96 05-Feb-96  Web World Wars (finale) NEW #23 (part 4 of 4)

Thu 8:00p Sun noon  Mon 7:30p (early 1996 schedule)
08-Feb-96 11-Feb-96 12-Feb-96  Infected
15-Feb-96 18-Feb-96 19-Feb-96  High Code
22-Feb-96 25-Feb-96 26-Feb-96  When Games Collide
29-Feb-96 03-Mar-96 04-Mar-96  Bad Bob
07-Mar-96 10-Mar-96            AndrAIa
  March 11-17 was special programming for spring break

Fri 7:30p Sun 11:30a Tue 7:00p (later 1996 schedule)
                    19-Mar-96 Nullzilla
22-Mar-96 24-Mar-96 26-Mar-96 Gigabyte
29-Mar-96 31-Mar-96 02-Apr-96 Trust No One
05-Apr-96 07-Apr-96 09-Apr-96 Web World War
12-Apr-96 14-Apr-96 16-Apr-96 Enzo the Smart
19-Apr-96 21-Apr-96 23-Apr-96 Wizards, Warriors and a Word from Our Sponsor
26-Apr-96 28-Apr-96 30-Apr-96 The Great Brain Robbery
03-May-96 05-May-96 07-May-96 Talent Night
10-May-96 12-May-96 14-May-96 Identity Crisis, part 1
17-May-96 19-May-96 21-May-96 Identity Crisis, part 2
24-May-96 26-May-96 28-May-96 Infected
31-May-96 02-May-96 04-May-96 High Code
07-Jun-96 09-Jun-96 11-Jun-96 When Games Collide
14-Jun-96 16-Jun-96 18-Jun-96 Bad Bob
21-Jun-96 23-Jun-96 25-Jun-96 Painted Windows
28-Jun-96 30-Jun-96 02-Jul-96 AndrAIa
05-Jul-96 07-Jul-96 09-Jul-96 Nullzilla
12-Jul-96 14-Jul-96 16-Jul-96 Gigabyte
19-Jul-96 21-Jul-96 23-Jul-96 Trust No One
26-Jul-96 28-Jul-96 30-Jul-96 Web World Wars
02-Aug-96 04-Aug-96 06-Aug-96 Infected
09-Aug-96 11-Aug-96           High Code

1996-1997 season started August 12th, 1996

All 23 episodes from Season I and Season II were reshown.

ReBoot was in new timeslots: Monday at 7:00pm, Friday at 9:30pm, Sunday at 12 noon, and Sunday at 8:30pm.

week (1996)    Mon 7:00pm      Fri 9:30pm      Sun noon        Sun 8:30pm
08/12-08/18  The Tearing     Crimson Binome  Brain Robbery   Trust No One
08/19-08/25  Racing Clock    Enzo the Smart  ID Crisis, 1    Web World War
08/26-09/01  Quick and Fed   Wizards ...     ID Crisis, 2    The Tearing
09/02-09/08  Medusa Bug      Brain Robbery   Infected        Racing Clock
09/09-09/15  The TIFF        ID Crisis, 1    High Code       Quick and Fed
09/16-09/22  Belly of Beast  ID Crisis, 2    Games Collide   Medusa Bug
09/23-09/29  Crimson Binome  Games Collide   Bad Bob         The TIFF
09/30-10/06  Enzo the Smart  Bad Bob         Painted Windows Belly of Beast
10/07-10/13  Wizards ...     Painted Windows AndrAIa         Crimson Binome
10/14-10/20  Brain Robbery   AndrAIa         Nullzilla       Enzo the Smart
10/21-10/27  Talent Night    Nullzilla       Gigabyte        Wizards ...
10/28-11/03  ID Crisis, 1    Gigabyte        Trust No One    Brain Robbery
11/04-11/10  ID Crisis, 2    Trust No One    Web World War   Talent Night
11/11-11/17  Infected        Web World War   The Tearing     ID Crisis, 1
11/18-11/24  High Code       The Tearing     Racing Clock    ID Crisis, 2
11/25-12/01  Games Collide   Racing Clock    Quick and Fed   Infected
12/02-12/08  Bad Bob         Quick and Fed   Medusa Bug      x-max special
12/09-12/15  x-mas special   Medusa Bug      The Tiff        x-mas special
12/16-12/22  x-mas special   The Tiff        x-mas special   x-mas special
12/23-12/29  x-mas special   Belly of Beast  Crimson Binome  High Code
12/30-01/05  Painted Windows Crimson Binome  Enzo the Smart  Games Collide
week (1997)    Mon 7:00pm      Fri 9:30pm      Sun noon        Sun 8:30pm
01/06-01/12  AndrAIa         Enzo the Smart  Wizards ...     Bad Bob
01/13-01/19  Nullzilla       Wizards ...     Brain Robbery   pre-empted
01/20-01/26  Gigabyte        Brain Robbery   Talent Night    AndrAIa
01/27-02/02  Trust No One    Talent Night    ID Crisis, 1    pre-empted
02/03-02/09  Web World War   ID Crisis, 1    ID Crisis, 2    Gigabyte

new sched    Mon 7:00pm    Wed 7:00pm   Fri 7:00pm    Sat 5:00pm   Sun noon
02/10-02/16  The Tearing   ID Crisis, 2 Nullzilla     Belly Beast  Infected
02/17-02/13  Racing Clock  Gigabyte     Trust No One  Crimson Bin  High Code
02/24-03/02  Quick + Fed   Web World    Infected      Enzo Smart   Game Collide
03/03-03/09  Medusa Bug    High Code    Games Collide Wizards...   Bad Bob
03/10-03/16  The TIFF      Bad Bob      Painted Windo Brain Robbery 
   endless reruns until Season III started 20-Aug-97.

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