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36 bits forever!

Tymshare / Tymnet pictures

This is one of the two pages at Best.com that describe the history of 36-bit computing: www.inwap.com/pdp10 = www.best.com/~inwap/pdp10/. The other one, www.multicians.org is Tom Van Vleck's history of Multics. Both of these computers use 36-bit words with 18-bit addresses, but otherwise have very little in common. (Another set of web pages dedicated to 36-bit computers is at www.36bit.org/ .)

This page was listed in the NCSA Mosaic What's New page for June 16, 1995.

36 bit systems running today

25-Nov-96: personal-use license for TOPS-10 and TOPS-20.

Onwer CPU Operating System
Access Method
PDPplanet DEC 2065 PDPplanet DECsystem-10 TOPS-10 v7.04
telnet DEC-10.PDPplanet.com (DNS OK, does not respond to PING.)
Paul Allen XKL TOAD-1 XKLeTen - Tops20 for the Wired World, TOPS-20 Monitor 7(102400)-1
telnet xkleten.paulallen.com (DNS OK, does not respond to PING.)

Digital Equipment Corporation: KA, KI, KL, KS

16-Jun-2007: ComputerWorld's ad favorites over the last 40 years includes one from 9-Nov-1981: The Personal Mainfraime.

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